What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

Posted on Mar 12, 2020 |

Well, we listen a lot. We listen to you. We find out about how you came to do what you do and what you want to achieve with your business, besides making a living.


Our Relationship

When you do what you love doing you want to spend your time with like-minded people. So, you and I, we have to have a relationship that his honest and respectful. Goes without saying really but sometimes it’ not going to work.

It’s happened with me twice when I’ve had to say no thank you. Why? Well, in one case the person described his website as his baby. Therefore someone who thinks he owns the website when it is your visitors and customers who make a website.

The second time it was down to not being able to agree on the direction of the online marketing. Fair enough.

Once we are in tune? What Next?

Research, Research, Audit

Where is your business currently ranking online for many, many factors. So, of course we take a long look at your website, your email list, your social and everything else that makes up your online presence.

We’ll do a basic audit of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), knowing where to find any gaps. We’ll call in a specialist if need be.

We’ll mine your analytics and Google Search Console looking for clues. Plus other tools that tell us how your landing pages are performing.


Walking in the Customer’s Shoes

Once we’ve prioritised your targets we’ll look to ‘walk in your customer’s shoes’ and do what actions you expect them to undertake.

We’ll look at frictions, for example can we simplify a form, can we make this information easier to find and use. Is Google picking up all the information. Are your meta descriptions a call to action.

Your ads, how are they performing?


Content Marketing

A long hard look at the content you are creating is a must. Everything is looked at, from single tweets to long form videos.

Are you using the right platform for your videos? What is the true engagement of  your social profiles.

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Benchmarking, Reporting and Boldness

Boldness? What’s that? Well, we’ll tell you what is going to make the biggest difference and we’ll test that.

We’ll do a lot of testing of ideas. If you don’t have the number of visitors for an accurate data assessment then we’ll use something else, like website feedback (which will be anecdotal but should provide some insight) or panel data.


The Joy of it All

The joy is being able to make a difference. That’s what a digital marketing consultant lives for you know!

As we’ve benchmarked where you are we can show you where you are going. What to focus on, what to leave behind, where to add budget and where to take away.

Another joy that comes with the data is the eye-opening moments where a pattern emerges, a pattern you can take action from.

It’s all about using data and thought to find the action.


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