What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Posted on Nov 30, 2020 |

There are specialists and generalists in the digital marketing agency game. You have design & development led and PPC (paid ads) and SEO in the main. Then you have full mix agencies like Conversion Detectives. But what does a digital marketing agency do?


Agency Sidelines

A lot of agencies will offer side-lines, like Conversion Optimisation, email and social.

Conversion Detectives are focused on pure marketing. That is a strategy, the relevant tactics and the measurement. In the main the element we use to make this happen is ‘content marketing’.

Everything on the web from a 30-character Google Ad headline to a 1,000-word article is content. But what works, is it video, graphics, testimonials of the Google Analytics goals you set?

Well, it’s all of them. We find the most profitable tactics and list the actions in priority order.

POW Content Marketing

Simply Different

Design, development, PPC and SEO are all relevant and every piece plays its part. So, how should you specify your website? What should be your Online Value Proposition? What should you measure?

Three Keys to Success:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Actions

Business Online Strategy

What would you like this to be? Will it work? We can advise. Don’t have a strategy? Don’t know where to start, what to prioritise? Small budget? How best to spend that hard-won money?

Chat and Discover

We’d like to get to know you and your business. If we don’t think we can help then we’ll part with mutual respect. Our chat will delve into everything you aspire to and what your business means to you and yours.

Then you have a choice…

Conversion Detectives Method

  1. Audit & Deduction
  2. Research, Actions & Testing
  3. Virtuous Cycle

An Audit & Deduction Report investigates EVERYTHING about your business, the deduction contains info on the market, competitors, your online presence, a SWOT analysis and SOSTAC marketing plan. It lists actions in priority order.

Research, Actions & Testing is an option. It delves into getting to know your prospects and customer, involving what they want from you. We create hypotheses from this information and then we can test those ideas.

The Virtuous Cycle means us supporting you with a growth culture for you and your team. This can be carried out weekly or monthly.

So, not all digital marketing companies are the same.

If you fancy a no obligation chat then please get in touch.


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