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I could open this post with the classic definition of content marketing but you can Google that yourself and bore yourself to the third cup of coffee of the morning.

What I think content marketing is:

Stuff that makes people buy stuff.

You see there are so many marketing theorists out there, who spout, like an over-filled kettle, the same old thing.

There is only one reason for marketing and that is to make money.

Nothing else counts does it?

‘Hey Disrupter!

So, if you want to swallow the buzzwords like ‘disrupter’ and style yourself a guru then do so; write it your Linkedin headline. While you’re doing that we’ll get on and make money.

Everything is content. If it’s on the web it’s content.

What is its purpose? Well, I’ve already told you that.  To make money.


It doesn’t make money instantly.

‘Here we are, read my wonderful product description, see those bullet points? Those bullet points will sell that product.’


What’s in it for Me?

Those bullet points just might and writing emotional copy is a big part of converting visitors to sales. You answer that implied question every visitor has ‘What’s in it for me?’

We take that as read. The benefits of the product; how it will change your life, answer a question, fulfil a need and satisfy.


Emotional Content Marketing

Content (and I’ve never found a decent synonym) entertains or informs or does both and it does that with emotion.


Where to Start with Content Marketing?

Well, first of all don’t fall into that classic trap of I like this therefore they will like this. You don’t count. Well, you do to a degree, as you have to make the choice for the content. But remember it’s the visitors who build your website and your business.

It’s the social groupings that build your community.  They who support your business and give your company social confidence.


Ideally you have talked to customers and clients or you have sales people who do that for you. You have an idea of what they are like and you can place them in categories as you have an idea of their frictions.


Get A Better Idea of People

Create personas for each buying type. Four to five will do. Give them names; give them an age, an occupation etc.

Now what is the main friction for each? How do you overcome that friction?

What are there Interests, Activities and Opinions?

With the above and more you can create a list of your customer persona and who they are. Now you can address your copy writing (content) for each in a much more personal manner.


Panel Data

Panel data is jargon for getting a group of people together who can judge your website and more.  It’s a formal process. You find them (they are allied to your persona) and you ask them to perform tasks on your website or social feeds.

Now, you are ahead of your opposition.

So, like everything content starts with people.

O’ I should have mentioned part of the persona marketing would involve looking at how they are influenced.  That’s another story…


Keywords or Just Words

You’ll hear this a lot; what are the keywords?

The question should be; what are the keywords with intent?

There are different forms of intent of course. Keywords for research, keywords for confidence (reviews or social following) and keywords for intent to buy.

What are Words?

Thoughts. That’s right words are thoughts and who has thoughts? People, people have thoughts (I would guess this is the same for most mammals).

So, content starts with what people are thinking.


Tools to Help your Content Ideas

There are lots of tools for keyword discovery but very few for persona marketing. Wait!

You can find out a fair amount with analytics and with asking people.

You can have feedback forms on your website. You can talk to people or use data panels. There’s a lot more…


Analytics for People

There are so many tools and a lot of them are rubbish. I would take each with a pinch of salt and if you have to then use 2 -3 and compare them.

For example if you have a decent following on Facebook you’re going to have an idea of age, gender etc. It’s a starting point.

Start with people, add their thoughts and you’re well on your way to starting to create content that sells stuff.


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