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Analytics for CRO in 2 Words

Occam’s Razor



The Best Blog About Website Analytics Ever!

Avinash Kaushik writes a blog about analytics called ‘Occam’s Razor.’ He’s been going for 5 years and his posts are packed with insightful, honest and actionable ideas.

He’s also written the best guide to analytics called ‘Web Analytics: An Hour A Day.’ He’s recently written another book ‘Web Analytics 2.0’


Easy Learning

A lot of what I’ve learned has come from the great Mr Kaushik. I can’t recommend him and his work any higher. He is the master. Take yourself over to his blog and learn from his writing on:-

  • Web Analytics Point of View: His personal take.
  • Customer Satisfaction / Usability / Qualitative: Measuring this is not easy.
  • The Excellent Analytics Tips Series: Easy explanations.


The Biggest Tip I Learned

You can suck in so much data but if you can’t get an ‘Action’ from it what’s the point. So that’s the key. Ask yourself what action can I take from that stat

Visit Occam’s Razor

My Opinion

I’ve come to think I’ll never know all I want to know about Conversion. But I’m going to keep going with the help of Mr Kaushik.


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