Walking in your Customer’s Shoes

Posted on May 24, 2021 |

Why should you be walking in your customer’s shoes? Or eating your own dog food?

So, you have a website. You’ve briefed the designer, the developer has done their bit and you’ve filled it with content. You’ve even created a marketing plan to provide traffic but how good is your website? Are there any frictions. You can get an outsider like Conversion Detectives to review and audit. You also have the option of trying the site for yourself.


Think Like Your Visitors

Your website weill attract different types of traffic. Traffic you don’t care about, like random bots and visitors looking for a picture. But in the main you can segment this traffic into:

  • Awareness: the first time visitor
  • Consideration: the second time visitor, wanting to know more.
  • Purchase: your customer

And the repeat customer. That’s about loyalty and not the subject of this post.

List the task you want each to do, for example:

  • Contact the business
  • Sign up to a newsletter
  • Go through a walk through
  • Click through a carousel
  • Read an article for a certain amount of time
  • Purchase
  • Purchase a quantity
  • Purchase (upsell) a more expensive item
  • Play a video

Put your Shoes on

Go through each task and note what happened. Better still record the task on video. Do you find copy that doesn’t make sense or copy that isn’t emotional or isn’t giving a benefit? Do you want click on that carousel or that video? Are you inspired to sign up to a newsletter or download the PDF. Record it all. Now list how you are going to improve each ‘friction’ you have found.


Research Panel Survey

You can go even further with this approach. Assemble a panel of people from your known demographic and ask them to carry out the tasks. Record them either in a room you’ve put aside or ask them to do so if they are technically savvy.



You can find many easy wins when walking in your customer’s shoes. Keep one thing in mind. The website you created is not yours and not all visitors think the same as you. Website are build by your visitors and your customers and that means more engagement and more revenue.


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