Visitor Engagement Tips

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CRO and Visitor EngagementEngagement 5 Words:

Interact, Click, View, Listen, Watch

In CRO terms engagement is getting your visitors to do something on your site. This is more than being ‘engaged’ in reading the copy.


Why Clickity-Click?

The more a visitor finds to do, to interact, with your site the longer they will stay and the more likely they are to go further down your sales funnel (the steps from landing on a page to paying or filling in and submitting a form). So what are your visitors clicking on? Invest (around $29 pm) in Crazyegg and see exactly what visitors are clicking and NOT clicking on.


Button It

Visitors love to find something to do on a site. If they have nothing to do they will be quite passive and move on rather quickly. Create fun things to do. The simplest is to give them buttons to press to achieve something. Even a slideshow with images of your products or services will ‘engage’ them.


Calls to Action

Playing video, downloading a PDF with further information, listening to music, playing a game, filling in a simple survey question is all engaging and so is the social aspect, a FaceBook like or send, a bookmarking service or signing up to an e-newsletter all counts. Couple these engagements with ‘Calls to Action’ to help further. ‘Calls to Action’ are not simply for making a visitor buy. Your copy can ask ‘call’ a visitor to do something, ‘see our product in action,’ ‘share this link,’ ‘sign up for our newsletter for exclusive…’

Websites should be fun and the more your visitors are engaged the more likely they are to purchase or become a lead for your business.


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