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Posted on Jan 29, 2020 |

I was having lunch with a client the other week. He wanted a total online presence audit of his website and all his digital marketing.

He knew it would make a difference in terms of gaining more traffic with intent and converting more of that traffic into clients.

He asked me how I went about it.

I said something along the lines of well, I have to put together the exact audit.

Didn’t I have a standard audit for all websites and online businesses?


Why’s that?


You’re Different

Well, you’re business is different because of you. Yes. There are some standards for a basic SEO audit but there are many elements for your business type that are not standard.

I finished the audit last week and the client will get the finished result today. I like to leave it a couple of days after completion as putting a lot of work into the audit means other ideas come to me one or two days afterwards.


Conversion Detectives Methodology

Must be good I’ve put an ‘-ology’ on the end. Well, it is rather complete, some would say over the top, but I am. I am obsessive about finding every factor for every business type that will make a difference.

The full on audit process Conversion Detectives does breaks down into 7 main elements. If printed out it would be 98 pages (never do, love trees you see).

That’s the full on audit

POW Content Marketing

The Online Presence Audit

This is an exhaustive process with the extras like persona marketing and a conversion refinement cycle missed out.

The Online Website Audit Covers:


Desired Actions

What you want visitors to do. Really it’s walking in the customer’s shoes.


Basic SEO Audit

Looks at the technical aspects of the website.


Conversion Factors

The elements including graphics, copy and lead capture mechanisms.


Website Design

Basic stuff like how engaging is the Home page.



What the site offers to capture attention.


Calls to Action

Focused or split?


Promotions and Guarantees

Not always appropriate but a guarantee can be implied as well as being ‘money back’.



What is the value? Is it emotional? Is it aimed at conversion? Are the sentences short and punchy? Does it rely on jargon etc…

Also added:

  • Top 10 Usability Factors
  • Off site profiles
  • Google My Business
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • An Heuristic Analysis


The other parts of the audit included for this client:


  • Which Categories of visitor to focus on
  • Prospective hashtags to target
  • Keyword seeds
  • Keywords with intent
  • Dashboard (the weekly and monthly stats for the website)


All in all pretty comprehensive. I know this work will save the client money, increase the website traffic, therefore more leads, more clients and more revenue.


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