Thinking Like a Startup – 10 Actions for Success Online

Posted on Dec 2, 2019 |

Several of my current clients are startup businesses. They don’t have much budget. They want to make an impact as quickly as possible.


How do I help them?

Well, we talk a lot about the power of digital marketing. How to use what budget they have wisely. How to use their time. What to avoid.

As every startup has different needs it is always a rather tailored conversation. But there are a few things that I tell every startup. How to take action for success online.


How Can I Think Like a Startup?

Conversion Detectives has been in operation for eight years but in September I had a bit of a shock. You see, new business took a tumble. Prospective clients put work on hold. Perhaps due to Brexit, perhaps due to the general state of the economy.

What happened was my business coach tore my website apart. Had to swallow that.

Content Marketing

Business Incubation

I’m also part of the Business Incubation programme at the University of Hertfordshire.

The incubation center is very supportive as everyone on the programme is a startup, we have app creators, AI people, telecoms people and me, the digital marketing chap.

‘Are you working in your business or on it?’ This haunts me every day in a good way. I thought I was working on the business but I was not.

Now I am because of having my website eviscerated and because of that haunting refrain.

So, this is what I tell every startup

Content Marketing

10 Actions for Online Success

1. Create a dashboard of your Key Performance Indicators & Targets.
– Now you can measure and track your success, weekly.


2. Fear the Sharks
– The providers that promise instant success, promise a system, promise the earth.


3. Segment your users/customers/clients
– Then you can focus your content on their aspirations and frictions.


4. Know your keywords
– building blocks for creating content, that pleases Google.


5. Understand that digital marketing, in the main, is about technique
– What separates you from the competition is creativity.


6. Establish your Website & Email List
– This is the hub. It ‘anchors’ all you do online.


7. Guard your brand terms
– Your brand terms are the shortcuts that people search for. Make it part of your dashboard. O’ and advertise on them.


8. Social Following numbers are vanity
– What is more important is how many are using / sharing your content.


9. Build a community
– Use small influencers to build your brand; don’t pay for influencers that proclaim themselves ‘INFLUENCERS.


10. People & Feedback Loops
– People are the most important element to success. Cultivate them and make sure they are feeding your business information and ideas.


I could go on and this list is most likely to change but these 10 things for action will put you on the way to being successful as a startup online.


Do let me know what you think. I love feedback loops!


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