The Single Most Important Thing About Digital Marketing

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 |

Is People

At the last presentation I gave about digital marketing, I asked this question and only one person answered ‘people’. The audience was a group of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

It made me think how much we have to overcome because people are always the answer. It is not content marketing, video marketing, email, SEO or Google Ads.


What Happened to us in Digital Marketing

First you get seduced by data. Quite often the data obscures the action. What action can I take from this data? But even that misses the point. Analytics tells you what not why. That ‘why’ is the people.


Ask People Stuff

Don’t ever fall into the trap that your website is your ‘baby.’ A website is a tool and that tool is built by people, your people, your customers and your soon to be customers, call them leads if you like but you do yourself a disservice.

You want to know about what people search for ask them, your family, your friends, people you meet networking. “I have this website and it does x. What would you search for?”

You are going to learn a lot from that one simple action.

If you have sales people ask them “what sells the product / service. What is the moment the potential customer says ‘Take my money?’

Now you have the core of your content.

If you have customer care staff ask them “What do people ask the most?”

Now you have the start of your FAQ and a Q & A.


Build from People Upwards

Of course, you’ll use other tools, like Google Ad Planner and Google Search Console to discover what people search for with intent. That intent word being vital. You can also establish at what stage people are at, awareness or consideration. You start to build content from these findings too and then…


Feedback Loops

You establish feedback for your business. You want to know about the people in your audience. You are constantly listening to your people and reporting on it weekly for insights into how to become a stronger business, how to encourage your audience to do some of the work for you by becoming evangelists for your brand and creating word-of-mouth.

Chat Transcripts

Read the chat transcripts. What are people asking? Do they want something else from your business, a new product, what do they say about competitors?

Popup Surveys

These can work with enough data and you may get some anecdotal evidence as a starting point.

Product Reviews on Amazon (and elsewhere)!

A good place to gather intelligence from people are in reviews. Amazon is huge. If your products are on the platform, what are they saying? If a competitors products are on the platform what can you learn from the people reviewing?


Panel Data

Can you find 8 – 12 people who are in the audience you wish to attract? Have a formal panel session every so often. Ask them, individually, to carry out a task on your website, read your emails and social posts. Can anything they report be turned into an action? What is the potential gain from that action in terms of sales or influence?


People First is a View

Don’t be blinded by the analytics. Think like a person and use people as a starting point for as much as you can in your digital marketing.


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