The Pain and Glory of Starting a Business

Posted on Feb 6, 2020 |

We all know the pain don’t we? Starting a business and growing that business is about pain? Or is it? You know, a total pain? Nope because you have the glory of creating something for yourself.

You and me, we want to make lives better, we want to help, we listen to a business and their pain and we make it better. In my case that’s sorting out what works and what doesn’t work for that business with online marketing.

I love what I do. I love help make a difference to someone’s life and I like to see the revenue rolling in.


Money Makers

I meet a lot of people networking and in business support groups who just want to make money and they use grey and black hat methods.

Go to it I say.

Creative Power

An Idea Made Real

You remember that time when you had the idea? The rush of excitement coming in waves as you noted down what your business was going to do for you and other people?

That’s what keeps us going. I want to use creative thought to create original content that pleases, amuses and informs my clients audience (o’ and my own).

So, you start with an idea and then, in the online world, you want a website. Then BANG! All this stuff comes at you, the myths and deceit of the guru’s, the ‘Legendary Marketers’ and charlatans (not used that word for a while).


Hurdles to Jump

You have to get over that hurdle of the guru who just wants to sell a system for you and move on, their way is a numbers game for them.

Then you have to look at your budget for marketing. Where to use it wisely?

Then you get into things like who are my audience, where are they, what do they want. Not what you think they want but what’s in it for me?

That’s right. Customers, people are the most important aspect and you’re going to learn what they want and give it to them.

If  you can, entertain and inform them so they do something with what you create. It goes a long way in online marketing and it has multiple benefits.

Creative Power

Creating Content That Attracts

I’ve created content for clients that attracts and entertains. I’ve created content and advised on the creation of content that brings sales.

It’s always about the sale.

Not always when you come to market online. You can create content that people like and they hover up but they don’t buy.


Why do you do that?

Well, Google likes that. Google will give you a lift up the search ranking, so you get seen by more people that will buy.

Knowledge is power. But Imagination Rules the World.

Cliches are clichés because they are overworked phrases that are true.

Creative Power

Idea, Budget, Marketing

The idea has come and it is the engine, you have a budget and you start to market. How do you make it work?


Measure Weekly, Convert Double

Benchmark where you are now with your startup. Where are you? You may have 10 visitors to your website in a week. 1 of them is doing something.

Now you have a measure. So what if you double both your traffic that doubles your conversion rate doesn’t it? What if you doubled your conversion rate for the same amount of traffic, well then, now you are going to get somewhere.


Website and Email List

This is the core of what you do online. Build and know how these two things work.

SEO is important, analytics are key, people mean everything but content rules them all.

Make the best possible content for the different channels, that is owned, earned and paid. Work them together and you will make magic and have your glory.


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