The Joy of Conversion Alerts

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Conversion Alert in 5 Words

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Google Alerts Forever

If you have a Google account you have a powerful tool called Alerts.  It’s very simple to set up and it can help you make sense of the Internet and your quest to learn and practice Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).


3 Way Conversion Joy

We learn from other people, we want to learn about conversion best practice and we want to know how we are perceived.


Here are 3 different ways to use Google Alerts:-

  1. Set an alert for your competitors and your market keywords.
  2. Set up an alert with keywords relevant to ‘conversion’
  3. Set up alerts for your brand and content.

The First Alert (Competitors)

What can you learn from your competitors? How are they driving traffic to their site? Are they using email, affiliates, articles, PR or partnership marketing? A simple alert will tell you what they are up to and when they are starting campaigns (articles appearing on sites for example).


The Second Alert (Conversion)

It’s hard to keep up to date with everything in the conversion world. There are places on the Internet that are worth travelling to for a hint of something new but why not let that knowledge come to you?


The Third Alert (Brand)

A brand is rather a grand name. But you have to make sure your ‘brand’ reputation is healthy and this is one way of doing that. You also want to protect all the lovely content you create and make sure it is not being used in vain.


The Fourth Alert (that’s YOU)

How else could you use an alert? Think and enjoy this simple tool (and let us know if you come up with something that works).

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