The Artist Said No to Marketing Automation

Posted on Feb 5, 2020 |

I’ve been watching the automation of marketing for years and you know what gets my goat and sends him to the back of the class?

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Why does this annoy me so much I want to spit (in the sink)? Well, it’s all to do with brains.


Big Bouncing Clever Brains

They come up with the next best thing while blind to what already exists. They wish to put everything in the same place, they want to automate content, give you all the figures in the same place. They rob you of your thought, problem solving and creativity.


Do I Hate Brains, Why?

Because they are looking for the next big thing, to impress and perhaps to solve work. But there’s nothing wrong with work, with graft or, you know, putting a few hours in on a Saturday.

DIgital Marketing Tools 2

Conversion Optimisation Truism

When I started on Conversion Optimisation I was thrilled because it brought all the online marketing disciplines to a point.


‘Analytics tell you what people are doing not why’


That was an eye opener for me.


Dashboards and Stats

I ran a tech team for Apple at one time. The call centre was in trouble so they got all the team leaders in a room and said ‘look at this white space.’ This was the ‘Call Dashboard’ which colour coded each agent’s status.

Red for on a call, blue for busy wrap up etc.

White was for available but no calls.

“Look at all this white space’ we’ve got to fill this space, it’s not efficient. They [the agents] aren’t doing anything’.

A team leader pointed out that they were. Some were helping other agents, some were researching a customer technical issue, others were teaching themselves tech stuff, except for Jose, he was eating a banana.

What I’m on about is stats B****y well lie.

Digital Marketing Tools

Dashboards for Online Marketing

Dashboards that curate all manner of stats are another problem. They give false hope. They lie. They don’t reason.


What’s The Best Dashboard Jim?

A spreadsheet. You can customise it to what ever you want.

You include:


  • Business Targets
  • Percentage of Target Met
  • Website Health Check (organic clicks, links in etc)
  • Vanity Stats (how many followers on social)
  • Keyword rankings
  • Campaign Stats (Ads etc, clicks Cost Per Click and the like)


O’ and if you really want to make a difference to your marketing your content engagement and the number of brand searches. Plus so much more.


What do you do with this?

You sit with the business, the sales and customer care people and you feed that into the dashboard to decide your ACTIONS!

Stats without ACTION are self-congratulation (and something else).

The other benefit of collecting your info into your own dashboard is thought. Yeah, you’re going to think more and you’re going to join some dots that make a difference to your business.

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What Next?

I see tools coming out for analysis of content and I wonder. What we have is our own ability to make a call on that and the stats we use like ‘True Engagement’. We as people have emotion, instinct and humour, you know stuff that doesn’t need an algorithm.

What are you going to say as you take your last breath ‘I wish I’d had more algorithms?’

So, I’m going to have some more coffee now and keep on banging out stuff about humans with humour, artists without worry and scientists with humanity making the difference to the online world.

Brothers and Sisters,



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