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Posted on Jul 28, 2021 |

I’m doing a joint lead generation project with a major magazine which has got me thinking again about website form conversion. The mock-up of the landing page form had 9 fields. A lot of friction. Lead generation means getting an email, phone number and a name. You are better off with as few fields as possible. 


Lead Generation

I once did a proposal for a large company in healthcare. They’d updated the website, losing leads. I ‘walked in the customer’s shoes,’ noticed they’d made address line 2 mandatory (with a tiny asterisk), plus the colours were not high contrasting, tricky for an older demographic using a mobile (their market). I didn’t hear back!


Contact Forms

Do you need them? Have you tried just a mailto: option with your email address? Or live chat? Have a chat with Karen Levett, Live Chat Factory. Well worth testing that option.


Newsletter Signup

What do you need? Well, you have to tell a visitor ‘what’s in it for them’ and all you need is the email address, a name is good as you can personalise emails. I would also say ‘double opt-in’ is vital.


The Turnstile

Come across this? It’s the embedding of an email field in a video. Wistia and Vimeo both offer this. You can set it anywhere in a video, even email address needed to play. I’d rather use it near the end, then you have a committed subscriber.

Building a responsive email list plus organic traffic is the hub of online marketing success.


Also Consider:

  • Stating the number of subscribers on your list, offers proof of worthwhile joining.
  • Don’t use ‘submit’ not a positive word is it eh? Use something like ‘Join’ or ‘I’m in’
  • Error capture, invest in this, why is the form not working?
  • You can use an animation here like a green ‘tick’ for success field fill-in
  • Clear success message.


  • CAPTCHAS are bad news.
  • Make the form engaging, use something like Typeform for fab’ animation.
  • Avoid massive drop down lists like all the countries in the world, use autofill
  • Use a single column for the form
  • Make the form beautiful, yes people like interacting with pretty things

Final Websites Forms Conversion Tip

It’s not the colour of the button that makes a conversion. It’s more likely to be winning ‘micro copy’ eg ‘Free delivery over £25’. Sell the signup BIG TIME!

If you have a tricky, non-performing form give me a shout.

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