Podcasting Diary – Early Days

Posted on Mar 9, 2020 |

I’ve decided to trial podcasting for my business, Conversion Detectives.

I thought it would be interesting to keep a diary of the journey.

Isn’t everyone doing podcasts?


That reminds me of a line Peter Cook came up when another party guests said:

‘I’m writing a novel.’

Peter Cook replied:

‘Neither am I.’

God he was good wasn’t he?


Why a Podcast?

Everyone is doing it. So is this jumping on a bandwagon that has been running for sometime?


I’m not that concerned because I have another motive behind this podcast. Not just promotion of Conversion Detectives but to do, talk and learn about something I find fascinating.



A Long, Long Time Ago

I had ambitions to be a standup comedian. I did it. Didn’t get satisfaction from it. Because I was OK but I was never going to be as good as I wanted. O’ there was another reason but that’s not for here.

I know I had to write my own material. Where does that come from? So I started reading up and practicing creativity.


Everyone’s creative aren’t they?

I see and read all manner of gunk about everyone releasing his or her inner creative demon. Yes, you can but it’s not what you live for is it? It’s very handy to be able to think differently and procure new ideas and yes it does make you creative and perhaps lead you to be a ‘true creative.*’

Perhaps this podcast can help you be truly creative.



DIgital Marketing Tools 2That’s the name of the podcast, well, I’ll tell you the actual name once it is up and running.



Starting Point

So, I know I want it to be about everything to do with creativity. That gives me a head start (well, I kinda have to believe that).

Ideas have been throwing themselves at me, which we’ll come to in a minute.


Everyone Needs a Barry

I wouldn’t be going ahead with the idea and documenting it if I didn’t have Barry or as he is known Mr b. A musician, an IT consultant and a database developer, o’ and a Dad.

He has a studio and he’s keen on creating original music AND he wants to partner in JxxxxTxxxxxx

I am so pleased.


How I’m Going About Creating a Podcast

Digital Marketing ToolsWell, the technical stuff is down to Mr b with the bonus of original music and good company.



Talk, Talk

You’ll hear when it goes live that it’s not just a regular talk, talk show.

There will be guests talking about their creative worlds and set pieces with tips, tricks, eye-openers and a lot of silly stuff.


It will build into a resource for anyone, in any business who knows that what makes them different in the online / digital world is how original they are.

Knowledge is power.

It is to a degree, well, if you have the right knowledge but:


Imagination Rules The World

It does. Increasingly so. You can’t get by just with a WordPress template website, or creating a Guide to your business. You need imagination made real and that’s what I hope to do with JxxxxTxxxxxx

Please stay tuned and if you have a creative idea or tip you would like to share then email me jim@conversiondetectives.com

Thank you!


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*True creative: someone who thrills at making something from nothing, a painter with a blank screen or canvas.


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