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People buy from people; You’ve heard that before. Where? In what context? Is it just a cliché or do you understand what this means in digital marketing terms?


The Tricky About Page

The About page on any website is a touch point for a fair number of visitors. What are they looking for? Well, many things and that depends on your business.

Those looking at the About page are going to be serious and they are going to be looking for one implicit item, ‘signs of confidence’ and one, which is mostly unconscious and that’s ‘who are you, why should I buy from you?’

The ‘signs of confidence’ can (should) include your name, why you have a website and what it means to you. You can also use this page to help secure the visitor’s confidence. Your story, how you came to have this business and website.

I’ve seen so many About pages that are little more than marketing dullness. No story, far less any engagement.

I’ve known worthy About pages; I’ve read stories that wanted me to buy from this person/s and I’ve seen atrocities like using the About page for the privacy policy.


Your Story

The About page is an opportunity to show who you are and why you are doing this and YES, you should have your picture or better still a montage of you and those who work with you, along with customers / clients. Even better a ‘Hello Video.’ Thirty seconds and the visitor plays it they will have built, hopefully, a positive picture, confidence in you and your business.


Storytelling for Digital Marketing

How do you describe your business to friends, to family? You talk in easy language, you might bring in an anecdote, eg ‘…and after being made redundant for the third time…’ Most of us we automatically convey one vital element when we talk, empathy.

With empathy, for other people, for the world, for strangers you’ve never met you engage potential clients / customers.

So, what can you tell the visitor? Look for the shared experience or a positive emotion we all share and bring that out of how you came to this current place.

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Social and Your Story

I’ve seen wonderful storytelling elements in businesses I thought difficult for stories to be uncovered. I saw one Instagram account recently for a commercial property business. The stream was packed with high quality images, all of which with a positive message. Blue skies, steaming cups of coffee, just glad to be alive messages.

Does that help sell commercial property. Yes. Why? Because it shows the person and that person is positive and sees the positivity in the world.


Easy Social Content Wins

BTS.BTS? Behind the Scenes. Show what you get up to, who you talk to and your customers. I saw an account, again recently, on Linked in (from their Instagram feed), just thanking the people who put in the long hours to make a project work.

Be positive, be thankful, be yourself.


Blog or News?

Someone recently described to me that a blog is a bit passé. Well, call it news then. News about products, services, customers / clients, the background and deep thought about your business and intersperse it with short snatches of you, your workmates, even your pet (a lot of people will be immediately empathetic).

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Where O’ Where do I get Content?

Content, horrible world, we use it as shorthand. Content is information or entertainment and sometimes both. Do you have an interest outside your business? Use it. Even if it is just a quote from a favourite author.

Now. Test. In a very rough way, if you use more personal story stuff do people read it, longer than plain copy? See average time on page on your Google Analytics. Look at the Bounce Rate, it is rough but you’ll get a good enough idea of what to pursue.


Where Else Can You Use Your Story?

Offline of course, networking, meetings with suppliers and socially. Listen to what people say, use the feedback to make your online story more and more engaging. Then people are more likely to buy from you…


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