Online Value Proposition, How to Create Ones with Emotion

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We get so bogged down in jargon don’t we? I said this to a client last week: the website needs an Online Value Proposition.

Then I sighed, as jargon just gets a hold of you doesn’t it?

“An Online Value Proposition’ is the ‘no brainer’ as to why that visitor should use your service.”

Made me think about what makes a great ‘no brainer’.

It’s a statement you can use everywhere you are online but mainly it should be on your website masthead and the first thing a new visitor sees.


Are You Unique?

For ecommerce the biggest hurdle is the cost of delivery, have FREE delivery is an OVP but it’s not unique is it? It’s also expected, at least when a certain threshold is reached.

It’s a bit like saying ‘FREE customer care.’ It should be still part of your messaging and obvious especially around the ‘buy’ button.

So what is unique about your business?


Stories Win

A place to start is looking at how you got to be this person selling online.  Certain stories have appeal. Are you a ‘family run business?’

  • Is your business ethical?
  • Does your business give to charity?
  • Are you the only one offering this service in your area?


Mini Checklist

See if you can write your own OVP and tick these items off at the same time.

  • How does it solve / make better the customer’s need?
  • Can you quantify the benefits of buying your product or service?
  • What makes you different from the competition?

Perhaps you can’t write your OVP in one snappy line.  How short can you make it?


Who do you Buy From?

Why did you buy from them? Do they have an OVP or was it down to the secondary benefits eg free delivery?

Value Emotion

Can you or do you want to use an emotion to sell? Emotions work, stories work and so do people. Could the message be from you or someone else in your company? It makes buying more personal.


  • Slack: Be more productive at work with less effort
  • L’Oreal: Because I’m worth it
  • Apple iPhone: The Experience IS the product
  • MailChimp: Send better email


Dollar Shave Club: A great shave for a few bucks a month (No commitment. No fees. No BS)


It’s great because it hints at making life easier

Well, we are. An emotional proposition.

Apple iPhone
This is also emotional and tells a mini story. A mite ‘pretentious’ but that’s Apple.

I mean how simple is that, three words.


Dollar Shave Club
Simple proposition, simply told and then qualifies the proposition to offer confidence and overcome hurdles. Brilliant.


Buying for Self or Someone Else?

Something else to take into account is are they buying for themselves or is this something you would buy for someone else? Does this depend on seasonality? Change your OVP by season. That would be different and noticeable for potential customers.


Test your OVP

  • Ask people what they think of your OVP. What it means to them.
  • Try variations on landing pages and on social platforms.
  • If you have enough traffic then test with A / B tests.


Generate 10 Ideas

Go ahead and write out ten, then another ten and perhaps some more until you find something that you nod at and say to yourself ‘no brainer.’


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