Online Marketing, Formula, Art or Accident?

Posted on Nov 13, 2019 |

What separates us from the algorithms is art.

It’s a grand word that, art, unless you’re an android made of ham and heckling the Mona Lisa because that’s your only programme.


Art is in the Dots

Art is that feeling you get when technique leads to something other, a joyous joining of dots without explanation.  Smile, laugh, wonder, and learn, you know the drill.


What has art got to do with digital marketing?

A great deal I hope.

It’s certainly more that the clipped pretence of learning left sagging in a tweet, the linkbait that will make you millions for the price of a Magarita and the stock photography of Linkedin that makes everyone sad.

Sure, you’re imparting information…wait. You’re not. You doing what I’m writing now some self-promotion…


It’s About People, People

I always point out that digital marketing is about people but there you go again talking stats and what people are doing without asking why they are doing it or what do they want that will make them happy?


The Formula Will Rise

Yes. We can reduce our world to data, data capitalism is the corporate jam. We can gnaw on that data till we make business happen. Perhaps that’s all that digital marketing is to you and your business. Fine. We all have to make money.

Further along the line you’re going to ask yourself did I make people feel good about themselves, did I delight them, did I give them a small ‘wow’ in their day?


Accidents Will Happen

The technique works doesn’t it? Segmentation, persona marketing, retarget, remarket, conversion optimisation. All valid and all successful but not all the time. Technique is great but people are savvy. O’ yes, the bulk are not influenced by influencers or taken in by ‘the one thing I’ve learned…buy my system’ marketing.

If you treated them like people then you have a relationship. You know, like now, me talking to you.  People like that being treated like people instead of like prey.

Accidents, I’ve had a few online in marketing terms. Single things like paid ads work but what makes long term success is a combination of marketing with people, with paid, with organic, with email, with video. Making splashes means multiple ripples going out to people and joining with them when they want to buy.


Now, I’m off to my comfort zone, which I don’t push because I’m comfortable…I have a zone.


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