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Posted on Dec 4, 2019 |

Structure & Measurement

I like having structure to my week BUT I have to be flexible. I like to measure how the work is going every week. Here’s my average week in digital marketing:



I fill in the business dashboard, a spreadsheet that records the health of the Conversion Detectives website and online presence including social networks.

What is working and what do I have to be stubborn about.

This week I have to be stubborn about Google. Google is not showing my website as much love as I like. I’ll wait it out and give it another two months to see if the content and link-building increases the organic traffic.

Content Creation; I write posts like this, schedule stuff on Facebook and research further content.

Client work, today this included dashboards for two clients plus the monthly invoicing.

Setting up meetings for the next week.



I spend ‘embedded’ with an organic ingredients client doing a range of stuff like analytics and SEO.

Every other Tuesday I’ll be at the university at an incubator meeting.



Client work and perhaps a meeting or some networking (mainly to get out of the office).

Social posting for Conversion Detectives on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.



Very similar to a Wednesday but involving more coffee.



Friday, o’ yes Friday and some learning. I set the morning aside for reading about digital marketing (of course I do this every day) but the longer articles.

In the afternoon I plan for the following week.



I write comedy stuff, currently redrafting three plays I’ve written for the stage. It takes me away from digital marketing but also helps my contention that digital marketing should be as creative as possible.



Watch my daughter ice-skating, catch up with TV, read a Sunday newspaper or two and generally forget computer screens.


Then start again. The week is structured but it feels different every time because everything changes by the day for digital marketing.


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