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In this Post: 5 Jargon Terms Explained

I’m guilty of talking marketing jargon a lot. If you are interested or have to use digital marketing then here are a few of the obscure terms:

  • CMS
  • CRO
  • SEO
  • Conversion
  • Engagement

Walk The Talk

Do you want to talk digital marketing jargon? Neither do I.

Yet these acronyms, obscure phrases and piffle seep through my tongue.


Punch Yourself in the Face

That’s what I do when I find myself using more than moderate jargon without explanation.

O’ but there is great joy when talking to another digital marketer and you don’t encounter blank looks but instead writhe with joy at the mutual indulgence.

In the past I’ve alienated a client from talking too much jargon (in my defence he pretended to understand all of it, not once asking ‘what does that mean?’ Or ‘Jim, mate, stop it with the jargon).


Why We Need Jargon

It’s shorthand. Nothing more.

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What is the Jargon that Counts?

Well, none of it. OK. Some is useful. But don’t be blinded by anyone saying:

“That API will give a great ROI and take our customers up the ladder of loyalty tout suite.”


3 Common Digital Acronyms



Search Engine Optimisation

Quite rightly has a bad press because of the sharks, charlatans and liars that inhabit this noble and very profitable business.

‘SEO is all about best practice and is aimed at getting your website the most amount of traffic by making it appeal as a quality site to the Search Engines.’

Lots of easy stuff you can do for yourself but when you have a vast site invest in getting a professional agency.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Or more accurately Conversion Optimisation.

‘The process of creating an experience or best practice for a website (or landing page) visitor with the goal of increasing the amount of visitors that convert into paying customers or leads.’


Content Management System

This is a type of software that allows non-technical people to add words and pictures (content) to a website.


But Your Agency is Called Conversion Detectives

Yes. Conversion is a good place to focus for any digital marketing activity.

If you can measure it you can make it better.

‘Conversion is the goal for your Web site. A goal (conversion) can be what you define it, so a sale, a sign up to a newsletter or filling in a form.’

Other conversion actions can include:-

  • Playing a video
  • Joining a mailing list
  • Filling in a lead form
  • Calling your sales or customer care phone line or emailing
  • Posting a comment or review


  • Starting a survey
  • Clicking on a navigational link to visit another page on your site

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When a visitor, follower or subscriber takes an action. They do something. They comment, they react or they share something on your website or on a social profile.

DO NOT be fooled by ‘engagement values’ stated by some social networks.

For example Facebook still claims a three-second view of a video as an engagement. Really? You know people are scrolling through stuff don’t you?

That’s it!

O’ if you want a handy resource that busts those digital marketing terms then bookmark this page Conversion Detectives Digital Marketing Jargon Buster.

I like to think this is the most comprehensive Digital Marketing Jargon Buster on the planet. It isn’t but it’s close.


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