Long Tail Questions for SEO

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Prospective visitors to your website are going to type into Google a range of questions.

These questions are going to be about your market. If you can answer them then you’ll get the visitor and not your competitor. 



You can build an FAQ for each product, for your business, even for the geographic area of your services. Visitors expect an FAQ and this should be available in your main (global) menu.


Voice Search

Have you noticed some radio stations in their station ID announcements say something like, ‘on your radio, online and on your smart speaker?’

The smart speaker is here to stay so creating questions that people will ask that speaker is a good idea to have on your website. So, when creating your FAQ’s write them and say them out loud. Do they sound like natural speech.


Long Tail & Intent

After brand search and your valuable market keywords comes the long tail keyword search.

There’s less of it but questions like these show ‘intent’ to do something. To buy or to research. These keywords can provide a valuable income stream if you have them on your website in natural language.

There’s a whole lot of conversion elements to take into account like message match, page speed, social confidence, call to action etc.

But let’s just look at getting this quality traffic to your website. The conversion factors are a whole different article.


Where to Fine Long Tail Questions

The easiest way is to type a few into Google and see what the auto fill returns and the Searches related to… says at the bottom of the search page.

Also have a look at the first few results. What can you use that others have used and how can you outperform their content.

You can purchase a tool like Moz which will provide questions and an analysis of how to capture the knowledge boxes at the top of the Google results page.

Another tool is Answer The Public which returns questions on a great looking image. You can also download a csv file of the keywords. It will return a lot of nonsense but there are some gems.

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