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Just Optimisation in 5 Words

Optimisation, erm Optimisation and Optimization


Just add the Word

I came across this post the other day on the Get Elastic site, 14 Ways to Optimise Your Ecommerce Marketing.

It’s a very useful article and goes on to list the 14 tips. Now can you spot what they’ve done?

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  2. SMO – Social Media Optimization
  3. NFO – News Feed Optimization
  4. CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization
  5. WAO – Web Analytics Optimization
  6. WPO / WSO – Web Performance Optimization / Web Site Optimization
  7. EMO – Email Marketing Optimization
  8. PRO – Product Returns Optimization
  9. CSO – Customer Service Optimization
  10. APO – Affiliate Program Optimization
  11. SSO – Site Search Optimization
  12. PSO – Paid Search Optimization
  13. DFO – Data Feed Optimization
  14. MCO – Mobile Commerce Optimization

That’s Right

Think of an online marketing term and stick the word optimization on the end.


I’m taking the mickey I know. I don’t mean any disrespect but sticking the word ‘optimisation’ on the end of a phrase doesn’t make it true. Anyway, the article is full of links to very useful resources.


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