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How do you increase your creative power? Why do I go on about creativity? I’m in digital marketing am I not? Well, if you want to move the needle online you need originality, originality breeds engagement and engagement builds word-of-mouth (that’s free advertising from a trusted source).

Creative Power

Warning – Work in Progress

This isn’t one of those ‘3 Things to Super Charge Your Creative Power’ – you won’t believe number 3! Nope. First off, graft, work, effort and a fair amount of failure will happen. Are you OK with that? Good!

Increase your creative power with:

  • List building
  • What if?
  • Quota
  • (Refine)

One: List Building

There are many ways to gather ideas. I know so many! This idea is rather about collecting the building blocks of originality then we’ll go in the ‘creative power ups’ y’all…

What makes an original idea and where does that happen? Well, some of us do it naturally some of the time but those original ideas don’t always flow.

Simply build lists, we all respond to a good list. Let’s find an example. Let me see…I know I want to create the best and most popular podcast about creativity the world has ever seen.The reason? I want to promote Conversion Detectives as a creative digital marketing agency.

So, I start a few lists.

List Ideas:

  1. Creative tools (things that spark ideas)
  2. What makes a person more creative?
  3. 10 truths about digital marketing
  4. A list of characters I would find funny
  5. The Magnificent Seven, names and character types from the movie
  6. The meaning of colours. List colours what is each meant to be for?
  7. List of recurring items
  8. List of creative exercises
  9. Creative people quotes
  10. Different format ideas
  11. Format ideas for promoting on different social platforms
  12. What a course on creativity would look like

And so it went on. Then I wrote the podcast, two seasons so far but yet to be published, so keep your eyes open. It’s called Jelly Trumpet, it’s fun and informative.

So, I dismissed number 5 about the Magnificent Seven.

Creative Power

What to do with your Lists?

Run through them, smash the different elements together and find something new. What can you juxtapose for something new? What works together? What isn’t working.


Two: What if?

Add another list of what ifs? What if my podcast took place in a music studio? What if there was a techie and a writer (conflict), what if the podcast moved through time, space, the media? What if the podcast picked up historic figures, landed in a book by a Bronte sister, or a Japanese anime computer game?


What to do with your What ifs?

Have fun. Push yourself for the unusual and what will work. If you do that again and again you will find that feeling in yourself that means something!


Three: The Quota

This is the real ‘creative power up’.

Set a quota for ideas. If you are using what ifs or something more precise eg ideas about formats then aim for 25, 50 or 100. I told you this would need you to put some work into it.

What happens when you use a creative tool like what if? Combined with a quota? Lots of good things, lots of quite mad ideas, impossible ideas and the odd pearl.

Creative Power

Refine your ideas

In my experience if I go for 100 ideas, I will end up with 5 – 6 worth pursuing. So, I flesh them out, adding what I think appropriate and useful. Then I’ll dwell on the one (sometimes two) that have potential. They’ll have energy and they will be exciting. The winning idea is 99% sure to be the best possible one.

So, good reader:

  • Create Lists
  • Ask What if?
  • Have a quota
  • (Refine your ideas)

Drop me a line if you would like any more ideas…


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