If you have a Startup, Make it Beautiful

Posted on Nov 7, 2019 |

A strange request I know.

I could mean different but I don’t. There is so many great businesses being created everyday. Great ideas and great potential ready to take over the world.

Beauty means different things. Yes. So, let me explain about what I mean about a beautiful startup.



You have a passion for your idea. Passion gives you energy which you need to make your idea happen. Passion for what we love doing keeps us going.

What do you do when the passion wanes? You’re tired. Knocking your head against closed doors.

You don’t give up. You revaluate. You go back to your vision. The most important thing here is to look after yourself and your passion. Spend time in the company of those you love and those that make you laugh.


Humanity & Humility

I worry about people. I worry a fair amount people who don’t understand that everything we do is about people. Not just ‘the customer’ but those around us and people we don’t ‘know’ and will never ‘know.’

Caring about humanity is humble.



The key that unlocks digital marketing success is creativity. Your original idea and how you go about showing it.

I had a conversation with Adam Hunt who’s recently started a business called White Label Comedy. A hive-mind of comedy writers, producers and creatives aiming to create funny content for marketing.

Now, that’s creative.

Michael Bentine (such a distant memory) described laughter as ‘white magic.’ It is. So, anyone bringing laughter into digital marketing is doing something beautiful in my book.

How creative is your content and how are you going to use it in a creative fashion?


Laughing at Yourself

Do that a lot. Our own foolishness, well, mine makes me laugh. I’ve had some disasters and some success. This lesson comes back to haunt me as I grow my business.


Beauty is in your Hands

I’m not attempting to be clever or philosophical. I just want to see great ideas done beautifully, with a respect for people, the environment and the future.


So, if this post makes one startup consider making their idea more beautiful then I’ve produced some beauty in the world.


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