How can Digital Marketing Help your Business?

Posted on Nov 1, 2019 |

Digital Marketing isn’t easy. Get it right and it is cost effective and measurable.

O’ and EVERYONE is online.


How do you start digital marketing?

I like to use the SOSTAC plan as a starting point. Like all plans it will end up at the back of a drawer or lost on your computer or your Dropbox.

BUT you need a starting point and structure. You will have to be adaptable and respond to what works.

You’ll also have to ask yourself a lot of questions when ideas don’t work and when they do.


How to Keep on Track?

We’ll come to that later.



Where your business currently is in terms of maturity, revenue and targets.



What you want your business to achieve. This can be tangible, revenue for example or intangible like the most respected brand in your market.



How you are going to go about it. For example an authority website using content marketing. The best value, the most engaged community, etc.



This is the detail of you strategy. How you are going to get to your objectives. Employ the most creative minds to create the most original content? Paid ads displaying your promotions and prices. Community building gurus.



The most important. What you have to do to achieve your objectives.

Here you may wish to adopt SMART Goals.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

So, define exactly what the goal is, how are you going to measure it, is it achievable (or is it a dream), is it possible and when are you going to do it by?



Control is the people, budget and measuring of the plan.


The Dashboard

We use a dashboard. Sounds grand doesn’t it. Well, we don’t use any fancy Software as a Service, we use an Excel spreadsheet.

What is a Dashboard and How to Use it?

Everyone we create is unique to every business. But they typically contain:

  • Business targets (objectives)
  • Percentage of target reached (weekly & monthly)
  • Top line stats (unique visitors to website, followers on social etc)
  • Engagement (true engagement, sharing, commenting & reacting to social posts)
  • Health check (links into website and organic performance of website)


Measure Everything

When you have a dashboard you can measure all your activity and therefore focus on what is of value.

Another benefit is it reminds you to look at what Google is up to and look into other statistics that could show a pattern your business can benefit from.

If you do want to benefit from digital marketing you are going to have to keep an eye on all your traffic channels to find the blend that works for your business.

Track the Details

You can measure your conversion rate. That is how many people coming to your site buy. You can also track your Return on Investment.

You have to constantly refine what you are doing on line. Online changes daily.

So, have a plan, create a dashboard and start your campaigns.

Breaking Down Traffic Sources

A starting point can be breaking traffic to your website down into the following:

  • Owned
  • Earned
  • Paid

Which channel is providing the best quality traffic? Which is introducing new people?

Owned is mainly your website (search traffic) and your email list.

Paid is obvious, Google or social Ads. PR too.

Earned is the one channel you want to grow. For example if you create great content (in any form, video to copy) you’ll attract traffic AND links from other websites. If a site has linked to you then it will send more qualified traffic. Plus Google will love your site as each link counts as a vote.

Earned is also people sharing your content and telling friends, workmates and family, that is Word of Mouth and invaluable.


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