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– Learn about product / service content by season
– Compare with Google Search Console
– Competitor comparisons
– Brand benchmarking
– Can you take action?


Google Trends

I’ve been using Google Trends for years. But like all digital tools do take it’s results with ‘a pinch of salt.’

So how can a business use Google Trends?



Google Trends gives a pretty accurate of when people are searching for your product or service throughout the year.

Some terms go back to 2004 so that’s a lot of data to play with and take action from.

When are the peaks for your terms? Is it earlier than expected? Now you know when to start creating content and when your paid ads should kick in.


Compare with Google Search Console for Brand Benchmarking

If there is enough data for your brand Trends will give you a rough idea of how well your brand term is doing.

Google Search Console is more accurate for brand terms. Console shows the traffic your brand terms bring to your website. Think of brand terms as a ‘shortcut’ for your business. The more you get the word out the higher this traffic will be.

And, of course, Google Ads will show you the conversion value for your brand terms.


Competitor Comparisons

Compare your brand terms alongside your competitors (don’t take it as gospel as the competitor terms can be skewed).

Keep an eye on your terms as a VERY broad indication of the success of your other marketing.

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Joint Ventures

If you are thinking of swapping content with a complimentary business to create leads then search for the complimentary business terms.



I’ve rarely found a keyword phrase that has led to profit from Google Trends. You’re better off using data from Google Ads, other keyword tools like Answer the Public and the data from Google Console.

If you have the data then compare a range of them in Trends. You may be surprised by how some are so much more popular.


Related Queries

Type in your keywords and scroll down to see ‘Related Queries.’ You might find another category of product or service that you could move into or it may lead to types of content to cultivate.


Trending Searches

On the Google Trends Home page you’ll also see Trending Searches. This is set to the US market so click through and select UK from the drop down menu.

Again, some ideas for content to talk about and to compare with what’s trending on Twitter. You can also choose Realtime Search Trends. What is happening now and use that on Twitter, Facebook or even TikTok.

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Cities and Areas

You can breakdown the results by cities and areas. Is it worth your while doing paid ads for cities or areas with a high search for your brand terms or your top keywords that convert?


A Nudge

You can try all manner of keyword combinations. You may even find a niche that is getting popular. So, if you are hearing keywords for the first time. You know, buzz words from the web or the terrestrial news, search for them. Are they an upcoming trend?


YouTube and Google Shopping

Trends give you the option to see the same queries on YouTube and even Google Shopping. To be honest I’ve not found any information here that an action can be taken but you might!


Action This Day

As always, is the data going to lead to action? That is are you going to be able to make a difference to your sales or influence? If the answer is ‘no’ then park it as interesting, the data may lead to something interesting and actionable in the future.


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