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Google Analytics isn’t the only analytics package in the world. It is the most used. Because it is free and it easily ties into other services like Search Console and Ads. Custom reports and dashboards are very handy. 


Simple Analytics

It is relatively easy to make sense of Google Analytics. IF you are new to it have a look at how your traffic is split by channel for example: organic, direct, referral and social, at it’s simplest.

Of course, the more you dive in the more complex it seems.


The What not the Why

Do bear in mind that analytics tell you what visitors are doing and not the why. Knowing why can make improving conversion quicker but we’re not talking about that here!


How to Get More out of Google Analytics

At the top left of the navigation in Google Analytics you’ll see a little arrow. Click on that and you’ll see two items; Dashboards and Custom Reports.

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Import a Host of Reports or Dashboards

When you click on Dashboards then Create you get another dialogue asking if you want to Import from Gallery.

So, all these are dashboards that you can import by different categories including: Acquisition, Conversion, Organic Search and a lot more.

Have a look and import some. See if you learn something either a) you can take action from or b) something that is interesting that you may be able to take action from in the future.

Digital Marketing ToolsThe same goes for Custom Reports. You can import all manner of interesting and actionable insights that some one else has made and shared.



Don’t know where to start?

Look for reports by Avinash Kaushik, the guru of all things analytics.


Custom dashboards and Reports are a great way of quickly exploring analytics when you are starting up in online digital marketing.


See Avinash’s blog ‘Occram’s Razor, well worth signing up!


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