Finding Original Ideas for Content Marketing

Posted on May 6, 2020 |

If only there was a bot for creating content.

Well, why don’t you be your own content creating bot? Find original ideas for content marketing or create them at will.


I loath the word ‘content’ and I’m always looking for a synonym, drop me a line if you have a good one.


Everything is Content

If it’s on the web it’s content, so that’s a mite general isn’t it?

I could try and sum it up. You know, it’s entertainment or information or both but do we have to? Nope. We just have to keep sight of one thing.


Content Marketing is About Making Money

That’s it. That’s all you should be concerned with and keep in mind when you spend money or time.


Joining the Dots

You spread content like so many dots on a page. If you spread enough people will want to join them up. It’s like a puzzle and the buyer doesn’t know you are solving the puzzle for them.

  • Your content makes confidence – TICK!
  • Your content shows how to – TICK!
  • Your content is liked by others – TICK!

Starting a Business with a Digital Marketing Plan

Content Types

So many types of content aren’t there?  Which should you do?

Well, all of them.  Then analyse what works. You’ll gain more and more ideas.


The Key to Content Marketing – The Analytics

Your analytics are going to tell you how well that content is doing. Measure it. Keep a dashboard and track what that content did.

There’s a lot you can measure, here’s a few:

  • Business name (brand) – use Google Search Console. Have brand term searches increased?
  • Time on Page – How long has a visitor stayed on the page?
  • New Users – Has that content brought new visitors to my website?
  • Social Engagement – whatever you do don’t trust the social platform’s analytics. Instead measure reactions, comments and shares.
  • Tracking Links – use a URL shortener or Google’s Campaign URL Builder

If you’re not measuring your content marketing you should, gently, punch yourself in the face.



I bang on about this as people lose sight of the fact that marketing is about people.  Your content should join the dots for them and be in tune with their thoughts.


Finding Ideas for Content Marketing

There are so many ways of going about this. What will happen, I guarantee it, is you will start following what other people do. I know. I’ve done it.


Starting a Business with a Digital Marketing Plan

You Are Your Own Medicine

There’s nothing wrong with taking others ideas. But it should be a starting point and not for the sake of what some self appointed ‘guru’ is telling you.

So, along with the analytics (you know the measurement) keep a record of what works for you, your business, your people in the business and most of all the people who buy from you.


Original Content

You want to blend the ideas you find with your own originality. Really! Most things in digital marketing are about technique and they all require content.

Make it original.


How to Make Original Content

Well, this is going to require effort on your part. If you don’t want to do it as you are busy running your business then hire Conversion Detectives.

So, if you are going to create your own original content here are three tools to get you started.

  • You Are Your Own Medicine
  • What if?
  • The Idea Quota


You Are Your Own Medicine

Record which of the following works for you. Record what puts you in the creative frame of mind. It could be a particular piece of music or time of day. Only you can make you creative.


What if?

The most creative words in the world. Ask yourself ‘What if?’

  • What if we made a video with a mime artist?
  • What if we asked our customer’s children to make an infographic?
  • What if we used print to build an email list?***


Starting a Business with a Digital Marketing Plan


Keep asking yourself ‘What if?’


Idea Quota for Ideas for Content Marketing

Most people when asked for some ideas will offer up 3 – 4.

Increase the quota for yourself 50 – 100.

Yes. Really. I told you it’s graft.

What will happen?

Well, the first two or three will be inspiration (inspiration or literally breathing in), then you might stumble, you might even give up. Keep going.

What happens? You’ll get a mixture of really rubbish ideas (it doesn’t matter), then you’ll start making unusual and original ideas as you join some dots.

Now you have a list of 50 or 100. Tick the ones you like, the ones that have potential.

Invest in the ideas you have ticked and flesh them out. Now you are getting somewhere.

Of course, your first idea might be the best but I guarantee you that you will have 3 – 5 further ideas that can work.


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Did this one with a client, print brochure advertised on Facebook, 30,000 names in 18 months.


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