Find Actions with a Website Review in 30 Minutes

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Is that possible to perform a website review in 30 minutes? Find worthwhile actions for your website in just 30 minutes? Well, sort of…A Conversion Detectives Audit takes an average of 12 hours, which includes a deduction report and involves your whole online presence.

Here’s five things you can start with (there are hundreds more you know)!

  • Website Speed
  • Website Contact
  • Industry Bodies, Qualifications
  • Security, Data
  • Original Content you idiot* (*me, not you)

Rapid Website Actions

Let’s say you have 30 golden minutes and you want to find out what you can do to improve your website.


Website Speed

How fast should your website page load in. In the ideal world 2 seconds. Why? Well, one point is obvious it reduces bounce. We don’t hang around for slow loading websites do we?

The second point is if you concentrate on site speed, the site loads quicker, you get more visitors and those visitors will have a jolt of joy. ‘Wow’’ this site is fast!’ So, this implies to them, this is a website of worth.

How to check website speed:

Google Analytics

Will give you some good insights including an average and how other pages load in percentage terms, plus and minus (neatly colour coded).

Look at your most popular pages, where average time on page is higher than the average? Well, you’ve found an action that can impact your website, the visitor and your business.

You get quite a lot of insight with this tool for free. A neat PDF with some insight. Word of warning here, a lot of the report only a developer will understand (GTmetrix uses Google’s Lighthouse service).

You need to pay for this one but worth it as it protects your devices from the ‘baddies’ and also gives a page load time. Rather handy is it’s other function to show the tracking in place for the website.

There are loads of tools for this aspect.

POW Content Marketing

Website Contact

You need a phone number, you need to list an email address and you need to make them ‘bleedin obvious.’ The amount of times I’ve seen sites with no phone number in the Masthead (old newspaper term for the very top of the paper / site).

Of course, livechat BUT not a bot. A real person. An option to leave a message when no operators are present.

Still using a contact form on a contact page? By all means have a contact page with full business address but don’t use contact forms, better to have an email address to click on using the ‘mailto:’ command.

For goodness sake, this is elementary, get it done.


Signs of Confidence

Do you have a multitude of customer / client logos? Well, reduce them. Have the full set on the page and use your very best customers as endorsements.

Know a Celebrity?
Me neither, but if you have a quote that’s great.

Industry Bodies, Qualifications
Again, use the ones with meaning. Ones that people recognise and not ‘micky mouse’ badges for watching a few videos and answering a multiple-choice exam. Yes. Like Tik Tok advertising. Wait…

Sort and get the most convincing / well known.

Kapow! In Page Graphic

Security, Data

Reinforce the security of your website, especially if taking any form of payment. Make a point of spelling out you don’t sell people’s data and the current GDPR standards.

Get to know all the security aspects of your website and illustrate it.


Original Content Separates us from the Idiots

Who are the idiots? Why use such a term? Well, anyone relying on stock video footage, stock images or mundane copy is an idiot (I know, I’ve done it).

Sit back have a look at the site and ask?

  • How much of the material is stock? Therefore, every idiot is using it.
  • Does this copy make them buy or signup? Conversion copywriting makes a BIG difference.
  • Are my emotions engaged? Make visitor laugh or gasp. That’s right use emotion.
  • Surprise? Is there anything surprising or are you going through the motions?
  • The story. What is the story, how is it illustrated?

There’s a lot more to original content, this is just a few questions to get you started.

Get yourself a creative marketing agency, there…that’s my answering the trumpet I just blew.

I hope this was of value dear reader.

Talk soon,

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