Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 |

10 digital marketing trends for 2020.

Position Zero in Search

This is Google at its most aggressive. Instead of simple first, second etc you’ll see more and more featured snippets of information.

That is no click search results. Google answers on the page. Great for experience but for us in digital marketing it means a greater effort to attain this spot across a range of keywords.

People will love it.



Well, chatbots have been around for sometime. They may be a trend but will that continue? Most likely as they become more and more sophisticated.

People are going to expect faster responses from website owners.


Content Marketing

Yes. Content is King, Queen and Joker. It always will be. Search will always produce a range of answers. But the answers that educate, entertain or surprise the most will win.

Invest in the best possible, most creative, most entertaining and useful content you can.

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Influencer Marketing

Poor things. They are having a hard time aren’t they? Quite rightly due to the minority who misuse their influence or fake it (want to buy some followers on Instagram? Cheap?). Well, they are here to stay BUT two things.

First who influences the influencers? Where do they get their info? Why not advertise there?

Second is a matter or scale. It’s better to have smaller influential gangs or tribes. You can create a stronger relationship and online marketing is about relationships, if you want to win.


Page Speed

Google will always champion searchers experience. Google are obsessed with page load time. Fair enough, we want our answers instantly.

Look to improve your site speed. Every hundredth of a second means more traffic and happier traffic.


Paid Ads

More machine learning going on here than you can shake an iPhone at. Google’s dynamic ads will take over the world of paid ads along with the Smart Bidding.

Content Marketing

Shoppable Posts

Well, they are here. Instagram stories produce great traffic and sales in blips.

How can you create regular profit from them?


Social Messaging Apps

WhatsApp groups anyone. They get stronger. Break into or create your own groups for your evangelists to help them spread the word.

They have a limited size (at the moment 256) but great potential.



This has been talked about and used about a lot and 2020 is likely see many climbing aboard this ‘buzz wagon.’

Storytelling has been around a long time hasn’t it?

Well, the marketing gurus have now started to use it for selling. Nothing wrong with that.

Make your business a story. Choose your form. Is it a personal story? Is it a serial full of characters, or a sitcom?


Voice Search

It’s been around awhile. Searches have been mostly for local, ie Chinese restaurants near me.  Amazon have bought big time into that one to make ordering easier.

Have a look at your Google Search Console. Are you seeing lots of long phrases?

Another sign of this is radio station promotions eg ‘Radio X, online and on your smart speaker.


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