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I tell stories. I tell them in many forms. I once won a handful of DVDs for pitching a comedy sketch (short story) in a tweet. Are there storytelling rules? Well, no, but you have to know the rules to break them properly. 


‘Celebrity waterboarding goes horribly wrong when Sarah Palin gargles the Star Spangled Banner.’


Sarah Palin, that dates it somewhat. I suppose I could substitute any name and still get a laugh.


The Power (Rule) of Three

Anyway, threes work. That’s right, first know the rule before breaking.

There’s a three working in the tweet.

‘Celebrity waterboarding goes horribly wrong…’ The Setup

‘Sarah Palin…’ The Complication

‘…gargles the Star Spangled Banner.’ The Resolution


or Act I, Act II and Act III

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Sitcom Dynamics

Sitcom character dynamics can work in threes. Think of the ones you’ve seen with three main characters, Only Fools and Horses, Father Ted, to name only two.  Children’s stories ‘Three Little Pigs.’

You’re thinking of your own now aren’t you? I hope so. I hope you’re thinking how can I use this for my benefit?


Storytelling Rules for Digital Marketing

You’ll be telling me that Artificial Intelligence will replace writers. No it bloody well won’t.


amazing, isn’t it?

so, what is it?

it hurts, isnt it?

why would you do that?


The above is an example of a Google Bot poem. HaHa!

So AI and creativity is as relevant as a phone box without a phone, an iPhone without a battery, a toddler without an iPad.

See, another rule of three.


‘I came, I saw, I ate your croissant.

Another one. Setup, setup, resolution.

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Content Marketing & Social Amplification

The great Rand Fishkin wrote about his last year.  There is so little organic reach that when you get some you will be rewarded with more reach for your next post.

Therefore, when you create content think of series, or serials, so you can follow up the original success and make the most of your post. You are making these storytelling rules.


This Storytelling Lark is Easy!

Yes. Because you know the rule of three. What? Yes! There’s a lot more to storytelling than the rule of three. But it is a great starting point because now you can look at your content and see if the rule of three is applicable.


Massive Content

In January I started sending off three full length plays. I wanted to write something massive and I did. Each play is around an hour and a half.

Each Play has three acts and each act has lots of scenes. Each scene can be broken down into a three. Well, not all of them that would be SO BORING!

When you’re writing anything of length you need to vary the pattern. Surprise people some scenes are just a description of action by some characters.

So, with the rule of three you have the building blocks that can create something massive.


That’s creative writing but what about applying that to digital marketing?

Clients are People

Sounds bleedin’ obvious doesn’t it? But there are marketers who forget it’s people, sure have a structure, have processes, create ‘cycles of refinement’ but remember to be honest.

I’ve been lucky….hang on. Nope. Not lucky but unconsciously only working with clients I respect and learn from AND each of them has a story.


Listen to the Story

Listen to your clients and what they want to do. You now have a story. That story can make your tag line, a boiler-plate, an insert for the end of every post, the social bio.

It’s also the story you tell, the subtext to the brand whatever they are selling.

If you like the story then tell it. Don’t lie, don’t embellish. But you can omit.

I have a client, family run business, small, invest in tech and believe and practice being ethical.

The company is growing through honesty and delivering what people want with their story.


Anyway, I believe digital marketing should be as creative and funny as possible. Otherwise you are as boring as an ad for the latest NEXT GENERATION DEDICATED sever.


I dedicate my server to ‘Call of Duty.’


If you would like to know about storytelling, creativity and original content then drop me a line.



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