Digital Marketing Planning, Being Different

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How do you intend to do your digital marketing planning? Perhaps you’ve been on a webinar or downloaded a template. So, you fill in the template and “DA DA!” You have a plan.

Planning Reality

Most of us, that is people who have created marketing plans for businesses wanting to expand and use digital marketing know the reality.

Reality will bite home quickly. “SNAP!” ‘Well, that bit is not going to work because Google have changed this, Facebook have put up their prices, TikTok has been banned in the northern hemisphere.’

Everything you know and understand about your online marketing plan is going to change, by the week, sometimes by the day.


Concrete Planning

This is the convention that so many teach. We make the plan, we carry out the plan. I’ve been creating plans for a long time. They are never carried out because, the algorithms change, not just on the Internet but the algorithm that governs the manager or the client.


Should I Write A Digital Marketing Plan?

Absolutely. Yes. You have to as this gives a foundation to your online business. Write it up, get your stats, show it to people for feedback. See that plan as a map of what you intend. The journey you are going to take.

Targets, Stats and Actions

In that plan will be a strategy, more like the vision of what you intend for the business. From that strategy will come the tactics, how you are going to go about it. The actions being what you have to do so the tactics are running and the strategy is met.


Light on Your Feet

Keep the strategy in your mind, is that vision coming about using your tactics, in the time frame?

Question the tactics and react to those tactics by looking at your stats. Are you winning?

Remember the most important thing about digital marketing is to make money. That’s it.

Growing a ‘brand’ and having influence are secondary and will happen if you are making money.


The Dashboard is King / Queen

You don’t need a fancy online dashboard tool. No tool I’ve ever come across can do what I want, showing the target, the percentage of target met, the revenue, the margin, the profit.

POW Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Dashboards

Should be simple and highly specific. A spreadsheet, that’s it. Very adaptable. Can do charts if needed. Can be shared in a variety of ways.


How Digital Marketing Really Works:


The vision creates the strategy.


You create the tactics.


You list your actions and get on with them.


Simple isn’t it? Now what governs all this is the control you put in place. The dashboard.

The dashboard is how digital marketing really works.


Dashboard Contains

Targets, overall, per product, per service

Percentage of target met weekly / monthly



  • Orders / sales
  • Goals
  • Unique visitors
  • Conversion Rate

Website Health

  • Organic clicks
  • Links to website

Social Following

  • Vanity stats, that is the total followings
  • Overall engagement rate by content type

Keyword Status

  • 5 – 10 keywords you wish to rank the site for


The above gives you a few ideas. Essentially you make up yours for your business. The above doesn’t take into account your email list for example, a vital part of any online business.


So, what is going to be on your dashboard?


Digital Marketing Focus

With a dashboard at your disposal you’ll be able to track that original plan and realise it is unlikely to work but because you have made that plan you are better armed to run your digital marketing with a simple dashboard.


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