Digital Marketing Jargon Buster for Startups – How to Talk Digital Gibberish

Posted on Oct 28, 2019 |

Digital Marketing Jargon

New to digital marketing, want to make the most of it to startup and grow your company and possess the digital marketing jargon buster to end all jargon busters?

Want to sound like you know what you’re talking about?

Perhaps you just want to know digital marketing stuff, we can do that dear reader person.

Buzz, Buzz BANG!

Here are some buzz phrases, clichés and gibberish that any digital marketer will respond to with a sage nod and treat you as one of their own.

Use them in the right order and you might get that marketer to explode, with joy.

“Content is king.”

“Eat Google.”

“Well, Matt Cutts said…”

“Write for people not search engines.”

“That will give us plenty of ‘Google Juice.’

“Low hanging bananas.’


OK. I made up one of them but which?

I lied. I made up two…


I made up ‘E.A.T. Google’

But E.A.T. exists. Expertise, Authority, Trust. It’s an acronym used by Google to sum up their guide to creating quality pages (pages people will benefit from).


I made up ‘Low Hanging Bananas’

Well, it’s a variation of the phrase ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ meaning quick and easy wins.


Content is King

True. So, very true that it is a cliché.  Look at spending more of your limited budget on original creative content. Content is a horrible word but it does a job and that’s why we have jargon, to act as a short cut.

Text, posts, video imagery are all content. When you have the best you feed all your traffic sources.


‘Well, Matt Cutts Said’

Matt Cutts WAS the face of Google to SEO people. He’s moved on but his name lives on.


‘Write for People Not Search Engines’

Is true. A cliché but clichés are overused phrases that are true. This phrase needs a qualifier. Write for people and the search engines will come.


‘Google Juice’

I hear this only occasionally. The last time I heard it was from my own mouth. A variation on this term is ‘Link Juice’ meaning the value a web page passes to another by links. Google sees links to a page as votes, the more votes you have the better.



I saw this handle on Twitter years ago. I never did ask if he / she could introduce me to marketing genius underscore one.

Do me a Favour

Just as a by the way, do treat anyone that calls themselves a ‘digital ninja’, disruptor, maverick or samurai with a hearty laugh.

Can you translate the meaning of these 10 Jargon Words?

Big Idea Testing


Conversion Driver


Duplicate Content


Link Bait

Skyscraper Content




They are all real terms. They are all useful to know.

There’s not enough space here to list all the jargon we speak and more issues forth every minute.

If you would like to have a handy list click on Learn More below and save the link or email us for a PDF.

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