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Before I start, I will confess to being full of prejudice. From anyone wearing a baseball hat in an online video, to those that appoint themselves ‘guru’.


To Make Money

The sole purpose of marketing it to make money for the client’s business. When you lose sight of that simple fact then you are no longer in the game.


Grafter or Disruptor

There’s no magic in digital marketing. There are the very rare ‘magic bullets’ whereby a simple change to a webpage increases conversion and therefore sales. Most of the gains in digital come from working hard at every element that contributes to success.


This Year’s Marketing Model

Buzz terms eh? Always reinvent yourself to put yourself in front of clients with a different spin. The only model I use is Awareness Consideration Purchase (this should go further as you have to usher clients into repeat clients and up the ladder of loyalty to being ambassadors).

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That Funnel Thing

Love the idea of the funnel. Here’s these hundred people and with our ‘funnel’ we’re going to filter them down to these four or five who buy. Why? Because it’s convention, because it’s easy and because it is not thought about, more copied than dwelt on with any insight.


The Digital Ocean

The web is an ocean with lots of different distractions, sharks and a lot of pollution. Everything you do online becomes a bubble. A small bubble of awareness. You want those bubbles to collide to create brand awareness and nudge clients / customers to take action. You want so many bubbles that it creates a wave of word-of-mouth.


Search Engine Optimisation is Dead and Dirty

When you read about two thirds of searches (in the USA) NOT resulting in a click then you do worry about the future of SEO. However, this isn’t the case for all businesses. But we should be concerned.

SEO is where the majority of businesses park their knowledge of digital marketing. Understandable, we all generalise. But it has become a ‘dirty term’ because of the crooks who have conned businesses with false promises. Optimisation does work and it is a foundation of organic traffic.

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Holistic Digital Marketing

It’s not one thing. O’ you can have success with an Adwords campaign. But why continue to pay when you can make more money from organic, social, video and especially email marketing? It is doing 100 things each 1% better that works. Everything online has to be addressed, accessed and made to work for the whole vision.

A good deal is what you leave out. Perhaps Instagram isn’t for you after all?

With the changes from Apple iOS and Google we’re going to have to think a bit more, be original and be daring, knowing we are trying to link up those bubbles.


The Hub of Digital Marketing

The hub is your website; you own it and your email list that you earn. With these two working in harmony you will succeed. Some topping up from social engagement will help in more than one way. But concentrate on these two to make a difference.


Where Does The Future Go?

Your future and your business is better off creating those bubbles of awareness with collaboration, with digital PR, with creative and original social campaigns. Blow those bubbles into the deep ocean of the web and you’ll win.

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Return of the Creative

True creatives want to make something out of nothing. This requires graft and thought. But you’ll have something that is unique to your business, difficult to copy and appealing to a jaded multi-device audience.


Focus and Track Online

Have a vision, have objectives and measure every last thing you do online.

  • Don’t follow
  • Never copy (unless it’s really good and you can get away with it)
  • Demand originality, from everyone that contributes to your business
  • Track, things that are interesting BUT most of all track things you can take action from

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