Digital Marketing Enemies and Testing

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Here we go again. A view less shared. One that comes from thought and experience. Who are the digital marketing enemies? Digital Marketing is about testing. You test EVERYTHING and most important? Don’t follow. Nope, nein, non.

We’re now going to look at the enemies of good digital marketing and give you an answer to ‘Well, what should I be doing?’

Some of our Enemies in Digital Marketing:

  • Google
  • The Guru
  • The Marketing Model
  • The Marketing Analogy

Who is the Biggest Enemy in Digital Marketing?

The enemy is easy. It’s Google. Yes. Good old Google. Why? Well, Google is clever, very clever, very, very sneaky. It shows results defined by an algorithm that works in many different ways (some of which Google is hard pressed to answer, machine learning you know) and some based on what YOU search.

It’s showing you want you want? So? Well, you want to know stuff you don’t know and the key is stuff that DOES NOT confirm to your theory.

Just because a page has lots of links, just because a lot of people read it DOES NOT MEAN IT WORKS. Missed that one didn’t you big ‘G?’


The Second Biggest Enemy in Digital Marketing

Old faithful, don’t get me wrong there is some fantastic free resources out there, Rand Fishkin, CXL, Wordstream and Avinash Kaushik to name a few. There are too many ‘gurus’ who DO know stuff but are more concerned with being a Guru, with a capital ‘G’.

People follow the big ‘G’s’ because they think they should and do it without question.

Don’t be a follower, no good will come of it…

DIgital Marketing Tools 2

The Third Biggest Enemy in Digital Marketing

This is the one that really gets me, apart from moving the cheese or juxtaposing two words to make a silly point, eg Purple Dolphin, Redcurrants & Gravy, Red Something, I could go on, this is fun, but no we’ll get to the point. Everyone has a model, they complicate it and a model can NEVER work for every business.

A marketing model should be simple and it must make sense to YOU. For me:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase

Add stuff about Life Time Value, taking them up the ladder of loyalty so they become repeat purchasers and LOVE you so much they tell your story, then you have word-of-mouth marketing and man, that’s the good stuff.

Don’t be swayed by what a Guru says, don’t even be swayed by their data, it’s not your data is it? O’ it has value but only for it to guide your TESTS. More of which in a mo’.


The Fourth Enemy in Digital Marketing

The Marketing Analogy, you know the sort of thing. An author (also known as a Speaker, Coach and ‘Enabler’) comes up with something bleedin’ obvious and sells it. Not only do they sell it, they call it a ‘movement.’

To me this stuff should be given away for free, like this article.

Whose fault is it? Yours. That’s right, you’re buying bleedin’ obvious stuff, following it then buying another book that tells you the same thing but in a different form.

I’ve a good mind to give it a go. Find a analogy for marketing / dealing with the digital world. Let’s say ‘marketing is like the Mongol hordes. Got it!

Be MORE Mongol, you too can take over the world by running a Mongol Horde.

Be More Mongol, that’ll sell. Wait! After I’ve told all the above to fuck off, and I do hope dear reader, you do the same then what?

Well, the main part of this writing is to get you to think for yourself.

Digital Marketing Tools

Think About and Test your Digital Marketing

Let’s take an example:

You want more listeners for a Podcast.

What’s stopping you? Lack of budget, yes but something else? What are the factors? What will attract those listeners, by all mean talk to others, by all means do look up some Google stuff?

Are you Ready?

  1. Create a hypothesis
  2. Create another forty-nine
  3. Find five of them you think have the best chance
  4. Test each of them systematically

Simple. If you think for yourself, if you put the work, you will find out what works for your podcast, website, business etc.

So, people do some thinking, do some testing and keep going.



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