Digital Marketing Agencies – Adding Value

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Digital Marketing Agencies – Adding Value

When I first started life as a ‘Digital Detective’ I didn’t appreciate how much more work my digital marketing services would create.

I thought I’d do the research and produce a report/plan for the client/agency and that would be that.

But of course, I was wrong.

Every audit of a business digital presence creates work for specialist digital agencies.


Did I say Added Value?

What I mean is that for every report for an agency that report creates more money.

I do the full mix of marketing, everything from Amazon listing’s optimisation to User Experience but for more specialist work I partner with an agency.


Social Marketing Agencies

The methodology I use covers all the acquisition channels including what a business is doing with social networks. If it’s not working then I’ll say so. But more often it’s a matter of tweaks, ideas and analytics, which lead to more engaged traffic and therefore revenue and repeat business.


Content Marketing

I dislike the term ‘content’ but it’s short and people understand. It’s all about entertainment and information, o’ and emotion. O’ I didn’t mention visitors getting what they want.

One of the first consultancy jobs I did was for a self-storage company. It led to all manner of work, including forty hours of copywriting.


Paid Advertising

You learn so much when you take on paid advertising. Real stats, what people are clicking on, where they land on the website and what they do. I look after a couple of legacy campaigns for local business. I learn a great deal but when it comes to full-on campaigns then I’ll partner with an agency.


Design Agencies

Sometimes you’ll step on the designer’s toes because you point out to them things that are not working. The site looks great but for example, visitors could be clicking on what they perceive to be a link that’s not or not seeing content key content without unnecessary scrolling.

Any business serious about their website should know that total revamps should only happen when your website is not converting.  What you should be looking at are continuous small improvements.

So, a design agency worth their salt, knowing this, will have regular reviews, not ad hoc fixes.


SEO Agencies

I get a big kick out of what I know especially around SEO and I love passing that information on and seeing traffic grow just by knowing these basics. But I’m not an expert especially when it comes to the more technical aspects. Good SEO agencies are worth it to make sure Google loves you and you are absorbing all that organic traffic.


Web Development Agencies

Of course, any report will lead to development work especially if a Conversion Rate Optimisation program, survey or feedback is put into place. This becomes even more important for an e-commerce website. Again, this is what a business should look to; constant minor improvements.

Agencies of the Future

Voice search? Should that be part of the SEO remit? Agencies that do the whole mix, only for mobile devices? Or is it just digital growth? Fancy that, an agency that marries all the channels, all the platforms, adds real creative thought and creates a virtuous cycle of digital success?


Read this far?

First, thank you and second fancy a chat?

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