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Coffee in hand I wonder will I get to my desk before my self-imposed deadline of 9 o’clock? I manage it this morning. I am happy. My day in digital marketing starts with knocking over unnecessary emails, prioritising client work and looking into growing Conversion Detectives.


Same Some, Other Some

I won’t delve into all I do. Nor do I have a consistent approach to a lot of what I do. I’ll say this though. I used to work in hour blocks. Now, I still do but for project work I work to ninety minutes, so much more gets done.

So, I knock out the useless email. I scan ones I’ll read later. Here’s one from CXL about marketing books. Keep that for later.


Dashboard Controls

If you’ve used the SOSTAC marketing plan model you’ll know ‘C’ is for Control. That’s about people and about budget but also it’s about benchmarking, setting the client’s targets and more.

Today I have four dashboards to update:

  • Conversion Detectives own business dashboard
  • Client #1 – Electrical
  • Client #2 – A start up
  • Client #3 – Local business
  • Client #4 – Health sector

Coffee Cup

What’s A Dashboard?

I use an Excel spreadsheet. Why? Well, yes there is a lot of fine software out there which will automate stats’ thus saving time BUT there are two things I dislike.


The waste, the stodge, the missing the point, the inability to do exactly what I want. They try to be everything to everyone.


Because of the way they are created they make you think in a particular way, they also blind you from what is going on in the SERPs, the market and the competition.

The Answer is a Spreadsheet

Why? Because you can adapt it to what you want. See the post on Dashboards – Digital Marketing Control or ‘What I learned today that helps my clients’.


Content is King (and Queen)

Now, I’ve been downstairs for a break and I’m lucky as three content ideas for Conversion Detectives has popped into my mind. This one. My typical Monday in digital marketing. A second one, What I Like About Trello and third a longer look at Dashboards. Hang on, another one has popped into my mind. Software / apps /extensions I use on a daily basis.

Coffee Cup

Coffee Break

Yes. Another one. There are two in the morning. In the afternoon tea will make an appearance.


Email / Messaging

I remember I have to send a Zoom invite. I connected with a business person down the road because of a bit of content I did ‘9 Successful Traits of Leaders Who Drink Coffee’.

I review emails and am reminded I have to find the amount of signups from a particular form on a client’s website.



Today is some Butternut Squash soup and multi-seeded flatbreads. The apple that has been sulking in the corner of my desk may be consumed but, I don’t know, we’ve got rather attached.

Other stuff that makes an appearance on a typical Monday:



Writing up pages for clients that can be used as landing pages for specific terms.

Coffee Cup

Linkedin Moaning

Why, o’ why are you publishing this dull stream of dullness. I’ve learnt more from a puddle than I have from your post about How Inspired you were attending a Zoom workshop on ‘How to Light Your Videos Using a Candle, Your iPhone and the Luminesce of your Cat’s Eyes.’

That’s a moan done, most days involve this one.


Podcast Progress

It’s been tricky, well Bl*****g impossible to record Jelly Trumpet, a comedy show about creativity, ideal for business people wanting ordinality in their content. I may write more for season 2 because the show WILL GO ON!


Client Project Check

I have other days allocated to working on Conversion Detectives projects as I do working on improving the business.


Herts University Incubator Group

A wonderful group to belong to I have to check my slides for a presentation to the group tomorrow. All about my ‘vision’ for the business AND it has to be ambitious. Well, I’ve done the presentation, 4 slides. I’ll review and practice for tomorrow.


Walk it Off Jim

And so I get to sometime after 5pm and I’m off out for a walk.


So, my Mondays do have some typical actions but I am glad to say are flexible and that is what makes working in digital marketing fun.


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