CRO Writing Tips #3 – Your Audience

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CRO Writing Tips in 5 Words

Who, What, Which, How, Why


The Big 5

I love lists. Checklists I call them and I have them for everything I do for Conversion. You can’t have enough lists can you? You’ll never forget anything. Most of my lists are in Excel, some in a database and quite a few in Word documents.


Some Ideas to Write for Your Audience

There are many ways to write for an audience. If you don’t know them very well it is hard. So learn about your audience. How they like to be talked to and what they have to say.  You can start with the ‘Big 5’ questions and then move on to asking more exhaustive questions regarding your needs and their wants.


Conversion Rate Writing Check List Part 1

Below are some of the questions I ask. They are contained in a ‘Copy Writing Check List’. The examples below are ones recently created for a game playing site.

I’ve given one example for each question and there are a lot more questions I ask but these will give you a starting point. The point where you are the customer.



1. Build your own list from searching for ‘Copy Writing Tips.’ I forget where I got the idea but I just add to my list and refine all the time.

2. Generate as many answers as you can. Like in all creative writing set yourself a quota. The harder the quota the more you will get out of this exercise.

3. Leave your list a couple of days, when you’re stuck, and try again. You’ll be surprised how much more you will find.

4. This work will colour all your writing for your site. You will have a reference and be more able to write relevant insightful copy.


CRO Copy Writing List Example Questions.

What does my reader want?

1. A visitor is looking to have fun.

What do you want?

  1. To download a game (to purchase).

What three problems will you solve?

  1. Making a party into an interesting and memorable event.

Which three ways will you enrich their lives?

  1. Making the party they put on an event that is talked about for years to come (kudos).

What dreams will you make come true?

  1. Everyone dreams of putting on a great party.

Why you should buy from me?

1. These are original games.

Who is your Audience?

1. Party hosts.

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