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Case Study in 6 Words:

Health Business, E-commerce, Re-Skin, Online Marketing

Recently I did a report for a natural health website based in Hertfordshire. Revenue increased by 130% in the first 6 weeks compared with the same period the previous year.

How did that Happen?

It started with an Advanced CRO Report (including a 60 point competitor factor comparison table)

  • Site analytic reporting & keyword research
  • Site Specification, including wireframes, site redesign
  • Competitor analysis

And ended with a continuing a:-

  • Full integrated marketing & action plans

What the Report did

Once the report was completed and discussed it was decided to redesign the look of the site and keep the e-commerce platform that used the business shops Point of Sale system.

Not Just CRO

Happily, the CRO report paid off with the increase in sales and an online marketing action plan was commissioned to take into account other websites in the portfolio and help launch new health products into the UK market.

What do you get from a CRO Report?

  1. Site Strengths
  2. Site Weaknesses
  3. Opportunities (extra services, in the market or in partnership marketing)
  4. High Impact Factors: Competitor Comparison
  5. Usability Factors
  6. Recommendations (in priority order, between 10 and 50)
  7. Appendix:  (optional)

Also included:-

  • Walking in the customer shoes (using the website to purchase, order, signup or enquire).
  • Reviewing your website and competitors for a variety of elements that aid conversion to a sale or enquiry, including ‘signs of confidence’ and ‘social proof,’ navigation, calls to action, features and engagement.
  • Assessment of the copywriting present on the site. Copywriting is a vial CRO factor in encouraging a purchase
  • Analysing the current conversion rate, traffic sources, content, keyword usage and social media referrers

Download the Natural Health CRO case study here.

All the best.

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