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Is blogging for startups easy? Yes. You choose your platform, for example WordPress or any other Content Management System (CMS) like Wix.


What is Important?

Content. A jargon word meaning anything that entertains or informs.  This can be any form from words, pictures, cartoons, infographics to video.



You have your subject and you set up your blog. Now research your keywords. By keywords we mean phrases that people search for on Google, YouTube and even Bing.

Build a list. Pay particular attention to which sites are ranking for these terms and what Google tells you on the auto fill or what others search for, look at the bottom of the Google search page.


What’s in it for me

Ideally your post will be focused narrowly on one subject. A visitor has only one thing in mind when visiting your blog ‘What’s in it for me?’ That’s what you have to answer. So why should they read your blog?



Break down your copy into paragraphs of up to five lines. Subheads should ‘hook’ your reader and if possible mention words related to your top keyword phrase, ie the subject of your blog.

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Bullet Points

Don’t go beyond five at a time. This helps the visitor scan the page. If you have more than five and they are all of value break the bullet points into two sets interleaved with ‘Plus.’


Bold text

Bold keywords. Long ago SEO people thought that that was another factor Google would take into account. It’s unlikely. But it helps scanning if you bold keywords and words that have emotion eg ‘make money’ ‘unique learning’


Content Schedule

Set yourself a target and stick to it. If you can only do two posts a week then so be it. Before you know it you’ll have twenty, thirty, or more pages. Each capable of attracting traffic.

Now it’s time to sort your topics into different categories or themes. You can break down your subject into lesser categories.

For example for digital marketing we could break that down into email marketing, content marketing, SEO, analytics and more.

Then after you start getting traffic you can see which category is getting the most traffic.

Digital Marketing Tools

Breakdown for social

Spread the post across your social platforms. Use tracking URL shortners or Google’s URL builder to see where the traffic is coming from.



Which posts have the most time on page? Dig into your Google Analytics and keep an eye, every week, on which content has the greatest engagement?

High time on page but high bounce

This isn’t the worst thing as Google will like the fact you have high engagement.


Refresh Content

With posts that have good traffic and high time on page, revisit and keep the content refreshed. Something else Google likes.



Don’t forget to link to other posts or pages on your blog AND link to outside high value websites. Another thing that Google likes.



Get the basics right. Learn about these basics and make sure every post adheres to them. A great resource is Yoast.

Yoast is the standard SEO plugin for WordPress. I’ve used it with many blogs and recommend it. It is easy to use and will keep your posts optimised.

It has a fab traffic light system for how well optimised each post is and gives recommendations to make improvements.



Make your blog easy to share with popups,          for example, that has social bookmarks.



Think. Think hard about what you are writing. What are you going to provide that is new or interesting?

There’s a lot more to blogging but the above is going to take you a long way.


Good Luck!

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