Being a Digital Detective

Posted on Aug 4, 2019 |

What the hell is a ‘digital detective’ I ask myself? Do I solve online fraud, hunt down self-obsessed trolls, fine multiple selfie-takers, bring search engines to justice?

Well, no. I find where the money is in an online business.


Logical and Creative

I have a logical process for growing a business digitally and a creative background. Which is a powerful and perhaps a unique agency proposition.


Acquisition Combinations

I research and find the connections that work for that business across all the channels, combinations that create awareness, evidence that sways a visitor or app user to buy that product or service.


Creative Groundwork

I spend hours of working on keywords, examining content, images, videos and much more to create a picture of what is needed. Sometimes I’ll work with the people of the company to create ‘buying persona’ which can be powerful and complement the data that assists the sale.


Unique Visitor or Tom From The Spin Class?

I’m a creative writer in my spare time, had a few sketches on TV, had a couple of plays on stage and so I find creating these ‘character’s’ fun and powerful when writing persuasive sales copy. Why? Because when you do this you have someone real to talk to and not a number to broadcast to.


It’s Tom

Nope. It’s not a ‘UV’ that there is ‘Tom’, your customer and he likes cheese, needs a haircut every two weeks and only watches the international footie.


An ‘Ology’ or a Process

I enjoy a list and better still one with checkboxes. That’s why I have a method-ology, a process that goes through everything a business has to do to be successful online.

When you combine a method with the creative you have something offbeat and we need offbeat to thrive online these days.


“I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and

outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life. “

What’s the Picture?

It’s a movie poster from a series of films made in the 1930’s, the first of which featured ‘The Thin Man.’


I’m not thin.


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