Authenticity in Digital Marketing – Buy some today

Posted on Aug 3, 2020 |

You can buy everything now so why not buy some authenticity? There must be an app and associated plugin, right?

Might as well be as social media in particular disappears up its own news feed.

You can buy followers so why not honesty? Authenticity? Votes? Joking about the last one, you can’t buy votes, no you buy people and they vote for you, that’s right.

Legions of troll factories, click farms et al use their fetid claws to rip into what we have, family, society and culture.


Beacons of Authenticity

So, celebrate anyone that makes you feel good or makes you laugh. You know the people who are themselves and just want to chat, some want to sell you stuff and that’s OK. That’s our world.

Like those beacons, those authentic people who share their weaknesses along with their successes, the people who make you think and want to be part of the world.

Share the beacons and we’ll join them up and outshine the dark bits of the web.


Good v Evil in Marketing

There’s far much more good than real evil. When I say evil, I am talking about nations that use social media at its most vulnerable to influence us so someone somewhere can retain their power.

What we have in the main are marketing pests…


Bloody Ninjas Everywhere

The pretend chummy inhabitants of Linkedin who have been a course with some self-appointed guru that’s done a $20 online course with Rick ‘Motivator’ Jones ‘The Linkedin Ninja’, he’s world famous in Idaho.

‘Let’s jump on a call.’

Nope. I’ll jump on a call to someone I have respect for you and you can jump on a bucket of jam.


What to do?

Support your beacons and side-line the ‘bloody ninjas’ Look actively for people that spread good, who have common sense and humanity and is not a ‘bloody ninja, or a ‘maverick’ or a ‘Firestarter’.

Here’s three people I know are genuine and links to their business websites. and worth following, James Berg, Graham Bunting and Adam Hunt.

Brothers and Sisters,



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