An Extra Revenue Stream with Agency Partnerships

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Conversion Detectives is a digital marketing agency based in Hertfordshire. We audit and deduce the best actions for a business online and help build  an extra revenue stream with partner agencies. 


What Audits Do

There are over two hundred factors in the principle audit. We offer a cut down version for smaller businesses. What this audit inevitably uncovers is further work not within our remit.

We do the occasional small PPC campaigns and basic SEO. We don’t do site builds or development work. We’re happy doing small scale social campaigns and email fulfilment.

So, our work, audits and deductions create work for all manner of specialist agencies including:

  • Website Development
  • Design
  • SEO advanced and technical
  • PPC Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • PR
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media


Our Agency Offer

We’re happy to work with your clients, you can even white label our audits and deduction reports.


Work Created

We’ve created many different forms of work over the years, from full scale website builds and design to copywriting, SEO and PPC.

POW Content Marketing

Creative and Original Content Marketing

We pride ourselves on generating ideas for online business. Give us a try if you need another look at generating sales, influence or social following for your clients.


Conversion Detectives Methodology for an Extra Revenue Stream

Below is the whole outline. Cut down versions and variations are available for your clients.


A little bit more about Conversion Detectives and extra revenue for agencies.


  1. Proposal Document

Digital Growth Proposal


  1. Business Research Meeting

Business Research Meeting Questions


  1. Growth Audit

Using the Conversion Detectives Digital Growth Methodology Process)

Audit Tests & Analytics

– Client’s business goals

– Run Through Website through Heuristic Analysis and Note

– Fill in Digital Goals

– Fill in Page Reports (1. Most Traffic 2 Highest Bounce Rate 3 Highest Exit 4 Page Speed 5 SEO Report)

– Fill in Keywords

– Walk in Customer’s Shoes

– Fill in Audit Tests and Analytics



Competitor Website Comparison Matrix

CRO Competitor Comparison

Persona Matrix

  1. Deduction Report (inc. SOSTAC & SWOT)


  1. Deduction Report Meeting


  1. Research & Actions, Testing

Detailed research including the use of video and heat maps for points of friction, surveys, panel data.


Research Actions

Fill in Research Actions Spreadsheet including:-

– Fill in Click & Scroll Maps

– Fill in Forms

– Fill in Heatmaps

– Fill in A / B Tests (if enough data)

– Fill in Learning from Test Results

– Fill in Surveys and Feedback Results

– Fill in Video Recordings Results

– Fill in User Testing – Panel Data Results

– Fill in Actions List (what is going to be tested or changed)


Fill in Research Tests and Actions Notes


  1. Refinement Cycle

Fill in Refinement Cycle Meeting Agenda

– Create Dashboard as agreed



Content Marketing & Calendar

Extra Projects: e.g. Amazon, Affiliates, Content etc


Give us a call or send an email to find out how working with Conversion Detectives will increase your agency revenue.


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