Act Like Detective CRO

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CRO Detective in 5 Words:

Prejudice, Visitors, Survey, Feedback, Evidence

A detective will examine all the different elements of the case and look for evidence. When examining your Website for clues to improve your Conversion Rate Optimisation do so without prejudice. Be ‘Detective CRO.’


Website Prejudice

We all act differently and each of us carries an opinion about our Website. It’s very natural to see the world and the Web in our particular way. You can’t afford to do this to help your Website increase the number of visitors to customers.  If you find yourself saying “That’s not what I do” then you have to take a step back and start listening and studying your visitors.


Visitors Make Websites

In Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) you have to give up yourself and give yourself over to your visitors. Listen to your customers. How best to do this? Well, the analytical software will tell you what your visitors are doing but not why.


Survey Your Customers

There are a number of ways of surveying your visitors and getting their feedback. There are a number of solutions that will allow you to find out more about what your customers want, SurveyMonkey, for example, is an excellent and for a sample survey of 10 questions and 100 responses absolutely free. Test what you want from a survey and gather evidence about your customers.


Feedback for your Site

Kampyle is a feedback tool, easy to install and very useful for finding out what visitors think of your site. We’ve used it with some success on Historic Newspapers.


After the Evidence

Once you have information from your visitors and existing customers then come up with some deductions about your site and how your visitors and customers respond. Add your own theories and then start a testing programme.


Visual Website Optimizer

Is a tool for A/B page tests. With the data you’ve collected and the theories you have, you can use Visual Website Optimizer to find the proof by trailing your control (existing) page against another. Keep testing one page against another as Websites never stand still and be your own detective.

It’s very difficult to rid yourself of your own opinion. Get as much information from your visitors and customers THEN start testing.



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