5 Things I’ve Learned in a Year of Digital Marketing

Posted on Jan 6, 2020 |

Be More Stubborn

You have a website you neglect for eight years and what happens? That’s right it takes a nosedive.

Told myself off for that one. Now I’m laughing because it’s an opportunity to try new things including structured content plugins and writing really interesting content.

How do you bring a website back to life? By being stubborn. Add content, create legitimate links and engaged traffic from social.

The website is going up in the Search Engine Results Page but it’s going to take time. Lucky I’m really stubborn. You should be to. Don’t let Google take you down.


Smiling at Instant Experts Save your Sanity

I’ve lost count of people who tell you something that they believe as gospel because they found it on Google.

Don’t get me wrong, Google is great but it’s only as good as the information others are putting on their websites.

What is the source of that bit of information eh?


No Click Searches is a Bugger

Jumpshot data shows that around 49% of Google search results in the US resulted in no clicks.  It’s especially down for markets that Google has entered like travel.

Well, that means being clever in terms of the best technical SEO, especially around structured data and also creating the best possible content.


Content will always be King, Queen and Joker

Well, this isn’t new, we all know that but it is being reinforced by Google’s actions.

A lot of what we do in digital marketing revolves around technique, SEO, PPC and lead generation. What make us different? That’s right content. Beautiful, original, funny information that stimulates the big emotions.


Hacking & Phishing is Getting Clever

At one point I had a hacker emailing me from a legitimate they’d hacked ‘yes it is a legitimate email.’

How can that be dear hacker, when there is no email signature, you’ve attached another email and it links to a document saying Purchase Order AND you want me to logon to Office 365.

Had to phone the person who’s email account was hijacked. Damn clever though.


What does the digital marketing world hold in store for the next twelve months?

Excitement. Yes. It’s going to be very exciting


3 tools I’m still playing with this year:

3 tools I’ll always use:



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