15 Ideas for Digital Marketing Success

Posted on May 7, 2021 |

Here’s a PDF of the overview of the Digital Marketing Service that Conversion Detectives offers clients. It’s not a checklist but rather an outline of the elements that go towards digital marketing success and therefore generating revenue online.


The Casebook

See, we’re going with the detective vibe with the PDF. It really is detective work. Each business is a case to solve. We look at the whole of the business online, not just the website but how the business is seen by Google, the marketplace, the competition, your email, your social, you video and especially your content marketing. Content is still the King. Along with the Queen, Jack and Ace of online marketing.


Quick Points

The PDF is best used as a catalyst for your business. Ask yourself the questions you find in the PDF.

  • What are the desired actions (for your business)?
  • What are the business goals?
  • Who are your customers (are you sure)?
  • Does Google Love you?
  • Is your social content engaging?


How to Navigate the PDF

Click on the up and down arrows in the bottom left hand corner.

15 Ideas for Digital Marketing Succcess


It’s the usual stuff that we do, with an emphasis on original content and a systematic controlled process. All of which is tracked by a dashboard (spreadsheet really, but each tailored to our clients).

I hope this will open your eyes to being your own Sherlock and the power of digital marketing.


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