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Posted on Sep 20, 2023 |

What on earth does that mean?

Some stuff is bl***d’n obvious. In this case, every business is different and requires a unique blend of traffic building. A website varies in the requirements to convert that traffic into leads, sales, subscriptions etc.


What you Cannot Trust

Stats, especially from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and the like.


Analytics is fraught with problems, especially attribution. You see, these delightful monopolies will claim that sale came via their wonderful platforms. Has it though?

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One Ocean, 6 Touches

The Internet is an ocean, it is not a funnel. People can be directed but they are not lemmings in search of a convenient cliff. They think, they take their time and they consider.

What you are doing in your digital marketing is finding a winning blend. A blend that includes the main categories of traffic; Owned, Paid and Earned.

Find the blend by experimenting. You’ll know it is working when word-of-mouth forms in your market.

The 6 touches (or 9 in some marketing models) add up to a customer/client taking action, showing an interest, buying or subscribing.

The touches are bubbles of awareness in the ocean of the Internet. They collide in different ways, a PR piece is read, an email opened, a Google search result (organic traffic, or is it)?


Blending for Fighting Attribution Nonsense

When you have a successful blend you can start to establish if your Paid Ads are making a conversion because you can remove the Paid Ads and see what happens.

Always question your stats.


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