3: Testing

Is it important you know what to test first on your site?

Do you wish to save time and make gains quickly?

Conversion Detectives can make a difference with site optimisation tests based on experience and the latest Conversion Rate Optimisation methods.

What are the tests? The simplest tests we use are A/B Page testing. Where we compare 2 different pages. If one page wins then we test that winning page against a third and so on. It gets more complex with multi-variant testing. This means testing many variations of a page at the same time.

We’ll also access what else to test and which tools to use to find out more about your visitors, your customers and your site. These include Heat Map software like CrazyEgg and visitor feedback forms like Kampyle and KISS Insights.

There are many tests other tests we commission from 3rd parties like Usability Testing, which means new users reporting on how they perform a simple task on your site.

At the End

Allan Pinkerton

There will be an end. This is when we are sure we have done everything possible to improve the conversion of your visitors into sales.

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