1: Research

Do you want to make the most of your web site?

Would you benefit by knowing your competitors strategy?

Conversion Detectives research can include your business, your customers and continues with your market and then your web site.

We start the process by rounding up ‘all the usual suspects’ and asking some very simple questions about your business. This will start with you and can include your staff, especially anyone who deals with customers directly.

We’ll Measure Your Business

We’ll want to know what makes your business work and judge where we think the opportunities lie. This part will also include creating a ‘spreadsheet’ that is a collection of measurements of your current online business so we can measure the improvements our testing and recommendations will create. This translates into jargon as a ‘Key Performance Indicators’ Dashboard.

We’ll Look Closely at Your Customers

The bulk of our research will involve finding out as much as we can about your customers. We’ll look at your analytics and segment your traffic. We’ll also become a customer and learn what is like to deal with your business on line.

What State is Your Web Site?

We’ll have a look at everything including which pages work and what we can learn from those, the navigation, the categorisation* and the quality of the copy. If you use email we’ll look at the creative and the delivery. It all adds up to making your site the best.

Look Closely at Your Key Words

What are Key Words? A better description would be to call them Key Word Search Phrases. This means what your customers are searching for and what they are find on your site.

The Market and Where You Are

How big is your market? Do you know all the opportunities? Is your business well known, translated into jargon as ‘brand awareness.’ When you become an online ‘brand’ do you know how to monitor that value? Who are the important people in your business or in the jargon who are the ‘influencers.’ We’ll uncover them.

The Competition/Partnerships

We’ll ask you who you think your competitors are and research further including looking at what your competition is doing to build traffic and how they use other social sites like FaceBook or Linkedin. During this phase we might turn up non-competitive partners. You never know what you will find.

Research Recap

We’ll use many different tools and research everything we believe relevant and report our findings once briefed by you and our objectives are agreed.

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*Very, very important.