2: Deduction

Do you want to know what will make your visitors convert to sales and loyal customers?

Would your business succeed by knowing what to test on your site?

Conversion Detectives will make reasoned deductions, based on our research that will form the starting point of what to test that will benefit your company.

We bet you have an opinion as how to improve your web site and you’re right, you’re wrong. We are also wrong. Your customers ‘build’ your web site, not you not us and not the designer with the pretty glasses. The customer is always right.

Research Foundation

Ellery Queen

All the research we carry out will form our foundation. This foundation is then used to create ideas, ‘deductions,’ to test.
The Report:-

  • We will report how we see the following:-
  • Your Business
  • Your Customers
  • Your Site
    This will include the sales funnel, the types of traffic and a lot more.
  • The Market
  • Your Competition
  • The Potential of your site (the Return on Investment)

Finally we’ll prioritise where to start.

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