Methodology Overview

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Conversion Detectives use a methodical process for creating digital growth and profit for a business.

The process is broken down into three distinct phases:-

  • Growth Audit & Deduction
  • Research, Actions & Testing
  • Refinement Cycle

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Conversion Detective


Methodology Detail

1. Business Research Meeting

A full day is allowed to discuss the company’s online business, KPI’s and targets.

(60+ questions)


2. Growth Audit

Conversion Detectives audits the company’s online presence over a period of five to ten working days.


3. Deduction Report

This report takes a further three to five working days and includes one online competitor research (further competitor analysis can be undertaken for an agreed fee).

Conversion Detectives and the clients then meet to discuss the findings and agree on next actions.

(130 questions and actions, combined with the Growth Audit)


4. Research, Actions and Testing

Depending on the Deduction Report, more detailed research into the customers, visitors and Website takes place. A list of actions is compiled and the tests selected. Testing takes place for an agreed set time period subject to review depending on the volume of data.

(60+ questions)


5. Refinement Cycle

The Refinement Cycle is aimed and placing a digital growth culture at the heart of the business.

The cycle consists of regular monitoring and meetings to educate, monitor and review the processes put into place by the Digital Growth Methodology so successes are repeatable and budget can be allocated to make the biggest difference to the business.

(12 sections)